About Us

About Us

Camp Kesem recognizes and embraces the often-overlooked population of children affected by a parent’s cancer.

Camp Kesem empowers college student leaders nationwide to create free, life-changing summer camps for children affected by a parent’s cancer.

The Need

With 1.7 million cancer cases a year in the United States, there are more than 3 million kids affected by a parent’s cancer and Camp Kesem recognizes and embraces this often-overlooked population of children. Because they don’t appear sick, their needs are often over looked and they suffer quietly, leading to academic, social, emotional, and developmental problems.



Giving Kids the Opportunity to Be Kids

Since 2000, Camp Kesem has given children affected by a parent’s cancer the opportunity to just be kids.  The ever-expanding Kesem community engages in camp activities like sports, arts and crafts, and drama to give campers a fun-filled week.  Campers also participate in “Cabin Chats” with fellow campers and counselors, giving children the chance to share their experiences with each other.  There are plenty of laughs and lots of emotional support, but Camp Kesem does not provide therapy.  The tremendous fun and support campers experience is what makes Camp Kesem a transformative, magical week for campers and counselors alike.


Empowering a Generation of Student Leaders

Camp Kesem makes a huge impact on the lives of children, but it also prepares and empowers a generation of student leaders by allowing responsible college-age individuals to make a meaningful difference. Each of our camps around the country is organized and operated by the young up-and-coming leaders of tomorrow who gain hands-on experience in fundraising, finance, marketing and project management as they bring much-needed happiness to truly deserving kids. In addition to real-world skills, Camp Kesem enables student-leaders to discover their passion for serving others.

Recognitions & Awards


Camp Kesem has received the 2012 All Star Award from Constant Contact®, Inc., the trusted marketing advisor to more than half a million small organizations worldwide. Each year, Constant Contact bestows the All Star Award to a select group of businesses and nonprofits who are successfully leveraging online marketing tools to engage their customer base, and drive success for their organization. Camp Kesem’s results ranked among the top 10% of Constant Contact’s international customer base.

Once again, in January of 2013, Camp Kesem was chosen by LIVESTRONG as one of four Community Impact Projects.  This grant will enable us to open another 12 chapters, whose inaugural weeks of camp will occur in the Summer of 2014.


LIVESTRONG-< Brought to you by 2-color In 2011, Camp Kesem was chosen by LIVESTRONG as one of four Community Impact Projects.  This grant enabled us to open 12 new chapters, whose inaugural weeks of Camp Kesem will occur in Summer 2012.



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Camp Kesem is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Tax ID # 51-0454157.