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“You can crush a caterpillar but you can’t crush Kesem.”

Top: Squirt, Stretch, Orchid, Mint, Spud, Avocado, Nemo, Dory
Bottom: Simba, Mushu, Skippy

Our coordinator board here at Camp Kesem Columbia just got back from an incredible weekend at CK National Leadership Summit at Camp Copneconic in Fenton, Michigan! These past few days, we had the opportunity to meet some amazing student leaders from all 41 Camp Kesem chapters across the U.S. and share camp stories and new ideas, sing camp songs around a bonfire, and just spend some quality time bonding with our extended CK family.

National Summit gave us a chance to attend breakout sessions and share ideas for more fundraisers and camp activities, but more importantly, Summit reminded all of us why we do what we do everyday for Camp Kesem. Whether it was hearing a young camper on the family panel tell us “You can crush a caterpillar but you can’t crush Kesem!” or just seeing the sheer number of students from across the country who are all so passionate about the same thing we are, there’s no doubt that we’ve come back to school with a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

Attending Summit was amazing and now that we’re back on campus, we’re ready to shift gears and start using all the great things we learned this past weekend to make sure that we’re able to have the best camp possible this upcoming summer. We hope that you continue to follow us on our journey and we hope that you’re all as excited as we are for another magical week of camp in 2013!!!

Lots of CK Love,