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Ye Olde Tournament of Messiness

Camp Kesemalot is one day closer to capturing the evil Lord Lightning and retrieving the treasure chest of magic. Today our campers helped reinforce Sir Gravy’s castle in anticipation of an attack from Lord Lightning and trained rigorously in archery becoming masters at the bow. From there they fine-tuned their fierce hunting skills as they followed Lord Lightning’s tracks up the creek, where he foolishly dropped pieces of gold in his hasty escape from Sir Gravy. Along with gold they discovered salamanders, tadpoles and even some crawdads!ckmessy2shot

Following their morning training, skills were put to the test in a tournament of champions. Who could throw the most cheetos on a head covered in shaving cream, who could find the most gummy bears in a pie of whip cream, who was the most bendy of the paint twister twisters, who was the swiftest of the paint jouster jousters? These were all answered as our messiest of messy tournaments unfolded. The kingdom was abounding with winners of all sizes and a counselor sundae was made in celebration of a job well done. But don’t be mistaken; these were not sundaes of the edible sort, rather a delectable treat made of counselors covered in chocolate syrup and sprinkles, decorated by the campers ckmessy2shot2themselves. As the trumpets sounded the end of festivities, all were crowned champions as we marched to the lake. A slip and slide was awaiting our arrival and no time was wasted as one by one, the campers launched themselves down the slide and into the water. Laughs resounded through the woods as another day in the land of Camp Kesemalot winded down.

             Squeaky-clean campers returned to the dinning hall after a long shower and rest time ready to fill mailboxes with letters of encouragement and cheer. Since we live in a time long before texting and emails, our campers place notes in the mailboxes they created during their arrival. Everyday they’ll have the opportunity to share mail with each other the Ye Olde Camp Kesem way. After dinner the skies opened up to a heavy downpour over our kingdom, but rain couldn’t spoil our cheer. Camp games and songs echoed loudly from the building up through the highest of mountains until our campers retired to their cabins for another cabin chat.CKmessygamesgroup

             A few tears were cried as some decided to share their personal stories, giving others the courage to do the same. Some strength is measured in how fast you can run, how far you can shoot an arrow or even how fast you can launch yourself off a slip and slide. Here at Camp Kesemalot there exists a strength of an entirely different nature. The strength of our kids shine through every time someone opens up about their struggles with cancer and another kid hugs them not out of sympathy, but out of understanding. Our
campers have the strength of entire armies as they take on the world with a smile, never letting anything stop them. Strength is sometimes measured in numbers; here at Camp Kesemalot it would be impossible to quantify the strength that we witness every day.