Student Volunteers

Interested in volunteering to help plan and prepare for Camp Kesem Yale?

Please fill out the following survey about which committee you’re interesting in joining!


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Here are descriptions of the different  committees:


  • Budget/Finance
    • Create and monitor camp project budget
    • Manage daily accounting
  • Camp Programming
    • Create daily schedule for camp
    • Plan all all-camp activities, including special guests (i.e. magician, clowns, etc.)
    • Ensure that all camp supplies are purchased or acquired and properly inventoried prior to camp
    • Work with program counselors to ensure that all supplies needed for program areas are purchased/acquired
  • Facility
    • Conduct facility search and selection process
    • Manage all facility-related pre-camp issues (i.e. planning meal times, pre-camp visits by program counselors, etc.)


  • Family Outreach
    • Conduct camper recruitment and selection process
    • Manage collection of data from pre- and post-camp camper and parent questionnaires
  • Community Partnerships
    • Manage efforts to develop partnerships with community organizations
    • Conduct search and selection of camp nurse, therapist and doctor on-call for camp
  • Reunions (2nd+ year only)
    • Plan and execute fall and spring reunions


  • Foundations/Corporations/Organizations
    • Research potential foundation/corporate funders
    • Submit grant proposals to prospective foundation/corporate funders
    • Maintain relationships with foundation/corporate funders
    • Complete follow-up and reporting requirements of foundation/corporate funders
    • Develop and execute on-campus fundraising strategy
  • Private Donors
    • Develop/update all collateral used for private donors (i.e. pledge card, solicitation letter, etc.)
    • Develop and implement Raising More Money or other private donor cultivation strategy, including a direct mail campaign that involves all volunteer students
    • Manage donation processing
    • 2nd+ year: Manage production of promotional video
  • Campus and/or Community Fundraisers
    • Create and run fundraising events on campus and/or in the local community


  • Student Recruitment for Committees
    • Develop and implement student volunteer recruitment strategy
    • Lead efforts to meet the student volunteer recruitment needs of committees throughout the year
    • Lead recruitment process for new student coordinators towards the end of the academic year
    • Plan semester/quarter-end celebrations and any other student recognition events
  • Counselor Recruitment & Selection
    • Develop and implement counselor recruitment strategy
    • Develop/update counselor application and all related materials
    • Develop/update counselor interview packets and organize counselor interviews
  • Counselor Training
    • Develop and implement counselor training program, including all logistics, planning of sessions, guest facilitators, etc.
  • Counselor Debriefing
    • Develop and implement Counselor Debriefing Program.


  • Communications/Marketing
    • Manage development and maintenance of Camp Kesem website
    • Produce annual Camp Kesem newsletter
    • Develop/update all Camp Kesem marketing and administrative collateral (i.e. fact sheet/brochure, letterhead, etc.)
  • Public Relations
    • Manage efforts to obtain media coverage for the camp project