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Our Directors, Mama and Pipsqueak, are hard at work doing all things behind the scenes. They not only lead our Coordinator Board to success, but also utilize our Advisory Board, which is made up of five community leaders. Currently, Pipsqueak is gallivanting around Florence studying abroad, while Mama holds down the fort. We’re also excited to welcome Starfish as our 2015-2016 Director. She will be taking Mama’s spot after graduation. When Mama isn’t stuck behind her computer sending emails, she’s busy working at Noodles & Company, painting and begging people to be her friend. Pipsqueak will be back just in time for camp!

Pipsqueak- https://campkesem.givebig.org/c/CK13/a/campkesem-william-mary/p/kendallvanhoose



Development is the backbone of the Camp Kesem team at William & Mary. We raise all the funds that make our camp possible. Each child gets an amazing cost-free week of fun because of our hard work and dedication. $55,000 is a daunting number but we’re excited and prepared to achieve our goals. Babesie and Weezy, last year’s coordinators, are excited to add some fresh blood with the addition of Squib and Cheerio. While Weezy loves stuffing envelopes and licking stamps while eating queso, Squib is off using his campus connections to bring all the honies to our events (while wearing pajama pants). Babesie’s face alone makes corporations pull out their checkbook while also impressing them with random facts about ancient Greece. Cheerio is ready to make our Make the Magic event the best it can be, even it means she has to give up some Netflix time.

 If you would like to donate to then, click below!

Weezy- https://campkesem.givebig.org/c/CK13/a/campkesem-william-mary/p/katiemacadam

Squib- https://campkesem.givebig.org/c/CK13/a/campkesem-william-mary/p/BennettLevine/

Babesie- https://campkesem.givebig.org/c/CK13/a/campkesem-william-mary/p/Mary-KateConnors



Operations is in charge of thinking like one of the kids. Starfish and Pinky have been channeling their inner camper in order to plan a camp that will make every camper squeal with joy.  Without operations, campers and counselors would just sit around and watch paint dry, but with operations camper and counselors play games like pirate kickball, create human sundaes, and participate in the annual talent show. In summation, operations is the cool, fun aunt of Camp Kesem that always slips you an extra piece of candy. Both Pinky and Starfish were involved in Camp last year, Starfish was on the Volunteer board and Pinky was a counselor for unit one. Starfish and Pinky love to laugh and be goofy, and know that they can create a camp that is whimsical and inviting, and look good doing it.

 If you would like to donate to either of them, click below!

Pinky- https://campkesem.givebig.org/c/CK13/a/campkesem-william-mary/p/CatiePink/

Starfish- https://campkesem.givebig.org/c/CK13/a/campkesem-william-mary/p/CaseyDouma/



Volunteer makes camp possible by seeking out, hiring, and training amazing, passionate, energetic, dedicated, and hilarious counselors.  This year we are planning on recruiting 25 counselors and we cannot wait to start preparing them for camp!  Chuckles and Grizzly (or Chizzly when they combine powers), hands down the best looking coord pair, are grizzled (see what I did there? Grizzly and grizzled?) CK veterans.  Last year, Chuckles was one of the volunteer coordinators and the Unit 3 unit leader, and had the gnarliest swan dive of anyone at camp.  Grizzly was one of the two Unit 2 unit leaders, was voted most overall amazing human being ever at Camp, and demonstrated incredible communication prowess with his walkie talkie usage while at camp. When they are not busy with Camp Kesem, Chuckles wrestles with sharks, tames wild gorillas, starts fortune 500 companies for fun, and is the personal fashion adviser to Johnny Depp. Grizzly enjoys taking long walks on the beaches of Zanzibar, running marathons while writing symphonies, breeding german shepherds, eating blocks of cheese, and serving as a judge on a Croatia’s Next Top Model.

If you would like to donate to either of them, click below!


Grizzley- https://campkesem.givebig.org/c/CK13/a/campkesem-william-mary/p/tjschorr/



No one knows how to rock mom jeans like Boots & Dorie, the CKWM Outreach Coordinators. Reasons we LOVE mom jeans: 1. We’re responsible for recruiting campers for the 2015 camp and every child trusts a woman in mom jeans. 2. There’s no better way to be in touch with the parents than to be LIKE the parents. 3. School counselors, medical professionals, and community contacts have no reason not to love some college students in mom jeans and want to help. Boots & Dorie do more than run Outreach in their mom jeans! Boots enjoys eating,

 If you would like to donate to either of them, please click below!

Boots- https://campkesem.givebig.org/c/CK13/a/campkesem-william-mary/p/bdanderson

Dorie- https://campkesem.givebig.org/c/CK13/a/campkesem-william-mary/p/ElizabethAbercrombie/



Marketing/PR is the face of Camp Kesem.  Jazzy is responsible for getting the word out about Camp and keeping everyone excited about Camp Kesem as a whole.  She manages and maintain the CK website so everyone knows what’s going on and keeps everyone posted about all of our fun events throughout the year.  She also produces the annual Camp Kesem William and Mary newsletter.  Jazzy uses her artistic prowess and graphic design knowledge to  make us the best Camp Kesem PR materials out there.  When Jazzy isn’t busy with Camp Kesem, Jazzy enjoys running marathons, base-jumping, and eating cookies,

If you would like to donate to either of them, click below!

Jazzy- https://campkesem.givebig.org/c/CK13/a/campkesem-william-mary/p/emma_douglas