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Senior Spotlight: Pixie

Hi! I go by Pixie at camp, but my real name is Monica, and I’m from Hartford, Wis. I am graduating next month with a degree in biology and plans to start an Accelerated Nursing Program in January 2015. I first got involved with Camp Kesem during my sophomore year of school because CKUW’s founder, […]

Senior Spotlight: Tree

Hey Kesem family! I’m Kelly, but the people who know me best call me Tree, a hand-me-down nickname I received from my older brothers. I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology- Exercise Movement & Science in December 2013, and I now work a project position on campus and at Hubbard Avenue Diner. This fall, I […]

Getting to Know Lola

Hello everyone! I’m Lola, Camp Kesem UW-Madison’s National Program Director; I work with 11 schools in the Midwest, ranging from Wisconsin down to Missouri and out to Michigan. I got involved with Camp Kesem as a freshman at Michigan State University; after the first meeting, I was completely hooked and shortly after became fundraising coordinator. […]

Checking in with Lily

Hi! My name is Lily, and this is my second year in Camp Kesem. My favorite memory from camp is the empowerment ceremony. The empowerment ceremony is the one time at camp when the campers and staff are encouraged to share why they come to Camp Kesem. Everyone at camp sits in a circle and […]

550 Relay

  Camp Kesem is joining the LIVESTRONG Foundation as a beneficiary of the first-ever 550 Relay. The 550 Relay is a movement from each corner of the United States towards a common goal- helping all those in the cancer fight. Camp Kesem will receive 53% of funds raised from the event, and Camp Kesem UW-Madison will […]

Checking in with Bubbles

Hey everybody! My name is Jessica, but I prefer to be called Bubbles! I am a senior this year, which unfortunately means that this is my last year to be a part of Camp Kesem UW-Madison. I wanted to take a second to share the impact that Camp Kesem has had on my life. For […]

S’mores’ Super Bowl Fundraiser

To continue to raise money for Kesem, I decided to create a football squares pool for the Super Bowl! It was a 10X10 grid, in which each person paid $1 to claim a square. Once all the squares were picked, the numbers 0-9 were randomly assigned on 2 sides of the grid; one side for […]

Checking in with Rosie

As a member of the executive board this year, Camp Kesem has become my life… and I’m not complaining! I cannot think of an organization that I would rather dedicate my time to. Planning for Make the Magic has been a lot of work, but both Noodles and I are extremely proud of how it […]

Why Do You Kesem?

Nemo here! The empowerment ceremony is my favorite part of Camp Kesem. It happens just once during the week of camp, and it gives everyone an opportunity to open up and share how cancer has affected them. We begin by sitting in a circle. We calm down by using our hands to create noises that […]

Committee Member Spotlight: Get to Know Duncs

Why do I Kesem? I Kesem for all kids who have had to deal with a parent’s cancer. At Relay for Life my freshman year at UW-Madison, I told friends I was doing relay for “mankind,” and for every family ever affected by cancer. I’d been fortunate enough to not have any connections to cancer […]