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What Kesem Means to Me: A Camper’s Perspective

Two months ago, we started a three-part series about what Camp Kesem means to our counselors, parents and campers.  Through the series, we have learned, firsthand, what Kesem means to everyone that is associated with it.  

Today, we finish with a focus on our CKIU campers.  Here is what camp means to Superspike. 

A Camper’s Perspective by Superspike

Camp Kesem means a place to come for a week at the end of summer and have fun. When we found Camp Kesem the first week I went I was afraid but after the 1st day it felt like home. All the counselors helped me to get over leaving my house and for the next few days I forgot all about everything outside of camp. It is my 6th year to go this year and I can’t wait to go because I know I will have tons of fun because all the counselors and campers help new kids (or kids coming back) have fun. This year is going to be especially great because my friend Garrett (Has not decided on camp name yet) is going to be going to camp for the first time. I know that he will be nervous but I also know that all the campers and counselors will make it fun for him. I am thankful for camp helping me get through hard times and to go through a week of summer without worry.