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What does SUCCESS mean to you?

Here at Camp Kesem Columbia we were recently visited by our favorite Program Director from Camp Kesem National – AVOCADO! While she was here, Avocado asked each of us to share what success meant to us in terms of our roles with Camp Kesem.

For Squirt, success is having camp be as wonderful as last year.

For Dory, Success is making sure the kids connect and bond as much as possible.

For Orchid, success is having just as much fun as we did last summer and making camp just as special with more campers.

For Zooch, success is reaching our camper and counselor goals for the year.

For Skippy, success is having as much fun planning Camp Kesem as we will when we are actually there.

For Stretch, success is never a dull moment and lots of happy (and safe!) campers.

For Mushu, success is the kids having the time of their lives and forgetting about anything negative going on in their lives.

For Spud, success is raising enough money to actually make camp happen, and then getting to camp and seeing the campers have fun.

For Mint, success is raising enough funds to not only sustain camp but to let it grow over the years.

For Scrappy, success is everyone ending camp looking forward to next year.

For Simba, success is the opening day of camp going well and leading to a great week.

For Nemo, success is making concrete memories that we can look back on and smile.

And, last but certainly not least, for Avocado, success is having CK Columbia 2013 be as great as CK Columbia 2012!

Keep feelin’ that #CampKesemLove!