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Wednesday | Empowerment

Empowerment this year was a little different from last year. We started off making rain with our hands helped to set the mood of tranquility and reflection. Then we connected through a step forward activity where we were able to see how much we all really had in common, it was really eye opening to see that we were all so similar.

From there we lead a tap someone game, where we were able to give thanks to those campers and counselors would had touched our lives during the week. Finally, we ended the night with empowerment. We sat in a circle and went around and shared reasons why “The Camp Kesem family will always be apart of because…” It was a beautiful moment where we all truly realized how much camp meant to us. Tears were shed by almost every counselor and camper but at the end of the night it all just brought us closer together. It was by far one of the best activities we did. I cannot wait until next year!