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It’s been two months since we ended our inaugural year of Camp Kesem.  Yesterday was our Fall Camper-Family Reunion, and it was a smashing success.  We did miss all the campers and families who couldn’t make it, but we painted pumpkins in your absence and wish you well.  We can’t wait to see you all next summer. […]

Thursday-Worst-Day and Friday-Bye-Day

Thursday was different entirely, it was our last full day at camp and that forlorn feeling was creeping in.  For me it was the worst day because all this magic, and all these people that I have come to know and appreciate are leaving and returning to someplace that has doors and windows and people […]


When I woke up this morning (from the floor of a cabin, to prevent sleepwalking) things felt differently. This is what I realized, it’s now mostly over.  We have morphed into a comfortable, crazy, and co-dependent unit.  It’s no longer that we are all college students who kinda know each other, or that we have […]


Better late than never is my policy… I couldn’t have asked for a bigger or better day three.  We began by swim testing and boating (Dragon boats are rad, in case you didn’t know).  Moved to finishing up arts and crafts, archery, and long cabin-chats.  The dragon boats are 8-man rowboats that require a little […]

Sunday to Monday (Part 2)

Sunday to Monday (Part 2) Our day two is in full swing with emotions, excitement, and capture the flag.  The extraordinary amount of magic that began yesterday has blossomed into a bright and sparkly day.  Some highlights include building a village to save a butterfly, playing a gigantic game of tag, breakfast for dinner, and […]

Sunday to Monday: Magic Beginnings (Part 1)

Co-chairs, Michelle and Claire (Squeaks and Zipper, respectively) have been planning Camp Kesem at the University of Washington for more than two years. Neither of us can really believe that camp has arrived. We want to give all of you eager supporters and families a snap shot of Sunday and Monday: the beginning our magical […]