Upcoming Events

The events for fall semester have come to an end.  These events included our Fall Camper Reunion at Carter’s Mountain Orchard, a tailgate fundraiser, a cookout fundraiser, and a letter writing party!  There are tons more exciting events starting back up in the spring semester.

For our more weekly/monthly events, keep tabs on our Facebook page – Camp Kesem at UVA.

Our 2 big spring events will be:

Make the Magic:

A cocktail party hosted at the Paramount Theater on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, VA.  Check out the awesome venue here.  This year the event will be on Saturday March 29.  The night will include drinks, appetizers, a silent auction, speeches by campers and camper families, acapella performances and more.  It’ll be a night you won’t want to  miss!  All proceeds go directly towards funding our camp for summer 2014.

Registration is now open.  Click here to get your tickets today!

For more information, feel free to contact us at our email – uva@campkesem.org

Spring Camper Reunion:

Date and location are TBD.  It will likely be held in March, but we are still brainstorming a fun and exciting venue for it.  We are already so excited to see our campers again :)