Meet the Staff


Nikki “Jersey” Tracy
My name is Nikki Tracy, but during camp I go by Jersey (reppin’ my home state!!)… I am a 4th year Cognitive Science and Psychology major and am one of the Co-Directors for Kesem this year.  Next year, I hope to continue dedicating my time to working for a nonprofit!  My favorite part about camp is CAMP GAMES – especially huggy bear and captain’s coming.  I can’t wait to be goofy with the kids again next summer!

Alison “Pigtails” Celello

Hi there! My name is Alison Celello, but at Camp Kesem I’m known as Pigtails! I’m a fourth-year French and Human Rights major, and I’ll be heading to Mt. Sinai Med School in a couple of years. In the meantime, I love to cook with my friends, spend time outside, explore Charlottesville, and plan CAMP! Some of my favorite parts of camp are tie-dye, s’mores, the Teen Camp overnight, and Messy Olympics! Anything that brings the whole camp together is super fun, and I love to spend time getting to know each camper as well as possible. I also love to spread the Kesem magic to new volunteers at UVA all year round- it gives me an excuse to keep singing my favorite camp songs!!

Development Coordinators

Alex “Pono” Charters
Aloha ! My name is Alex Charters or as I’m known at camp, Pono. I am a 3rd year Computer Science major. I love playing soccer, snowboarding, and going hiking. My favorite things at camp are Color Wars because I’m really competitive and Adventure Squad because I love being outdoors in general. I love seeing how good of friends all the campers become, even though they are only there for a week. I’m counting down the days until this year’s camp!
Kerry “Bear” Underhill
Hey pals! My name is Kerry Underhill but at camp I go by Bear. I am a second year at UVA and could not have less of an idea of what I am majoring in…I should probably figure that out soon… But my favorite thing about camp is singing camp songs! Especially “the Penguin Song,” “Little Red Wagon,” and “Pineapple Hat!” I can’t wait to sing all of these again with the campers this summer!

Operations and Programming Coordinators

Christine “Scrubs” Hou
Hey, friends! My name is Christine and I’m a 3rd year neuroscience major, hoping to one day become a doctor for the mini humans (a pediatrician!). In my free time, I like to attempt to make macarons, learn how to play guitar (emphasis on the learning), visit the farmer’s market, watch quality TV shows, such as “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”, and play sand volleyball with my friends. My favorite thing about camp is cabin chat because our campers are fantastic and will spend this time talking about anything and everything — from telling ghost stories to sharing our most embarrassing moments. I cannot wait for camp next year!!

Amanda “Goose” Askew
Hey friends! My name is Amanda “Goose” Askew, one of your Operations Coordinators this year, and I am a 4th year environmental science major hoping to go into consulting. I love long beach days, hiking, reading, and playing with my dog. My favorite things about camp are the teen overnight hiking trip, Capture the Flag, camp fires, and singing all my favorite camp songs (RIP the Fridge Walk at Camp Holiday Trails)!

 Garry “Four Square” Baker

My name is Four Square and I am sad. I did not submit a description.

Colleen “Pickles” Gallagher
My name is Colleen Gallagher aka Pickles, and I make up one fourth of the operations and programming team. I’m a fourth year English and French major headed to New Orleans next year to teach special education and eat gumbo for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My favorite things about camp are making mountain pies, learning new selfie poses, and frolicking around during field games– can’t wait to do all of the above at our new camp next year!

Volunteer Coordinators

Ashley “Smash” Parkhurts
Hello, everyone! My name is Ashley, but a select few get to know me as Smash. I am a third year studying Biomedical Engineering and I hope to pursue a career in counterintelligence or pathology. I am one of the volunteer co-coordinators this year, and I am prepared to bring CKUVA it’s best counselor line-up to date. My favorite thing about camp would have to be the big group games that we play, especially during color wars. It’s so fun to try to talk strategy with all the kids and then end up just running around like a weirdo.

Lydia “Lyds” Pickrell
Hi friends! My name is Lydia Pickrell, or better known as “Lyds” in the Camp Kesem world, and I am one of the Volunteer Coordinators this year. I am a second year student majoring in cognitive science and I hope to one day go to medical school! Some of my favorite things are bean boots, ice cream, watching “modern family,” playing volleyball, and going to Camp Kesem! My favorite things about camp is definitely getting to hang out and have fun with all of the campers because they are all super awesome!

Outreach Coordinators

Bethany “Bumblebee” Bruno
Hey ya’ll! I’m Bethany, or Bumblebee (zzzzzzz), and I’m a second year majoring in Human Biology (I think…). Although that premed life  unfortunately limits my free time, I still manage to watch unhealthy amounts of Greys Anatomy, play the harp, and bake out the wazoo for my fam/friends. I absolutely LOVE everything about Camp Kesem, especially the pineapple hat song :) The kids are the BEST, and I already can’t wait for camp next year!!!
Susie “Snoopy” Dixon
Hi everybody!  My name is Susie Dixon or “Snoopy” (since I’m obsessed with Charlie Brown and the PEANUTS gang). I am a third-year Speech Pathology & Audiology and Psychology double major.  Outside of camp, I love to hang out with friends, read, write, and sing!  I sing along with the radio, in the shower, in the rain… and I LOVE to sing camp songs!  My favorite camp songs are “the Penguin Song,” “the Moose Song” and “Get Loose!”  In addition to the songs, my favorite things about camp are field games, cabin chats, waterfront, and cabin dance parties!  I’m so excited to get to know Camp Kesem campers and families—new and old— better over the course of this year; and I’m already looking forward to another great week of camp in the Summer!

Big Events Coordinators

Mary Kate “Meerkat” Helm

Hey my name is Mary Kate, also known as Meerkat. I’m a second year planning on studying Commerce and History. My favorite thing about camp last year was watching everyone do the Penguin song and getting to go on a special adventure hike with Teen Camp.

Ryan “Backpack” Jones

Hi, my name is Ryan (aka Backpack) and I’m a second-year studying politics and economics.  Besides being involved with Kesem, I enjoy reading books, going to sporting events with friends, and playing soccer.  My favorite thing about camp is definitely singing the awesome songs, including “Baby Shark” and “Pineapple Hat”.

Public Relations/Social Chair

Bilal “Beans” Ali
Hey! My name is Bilal Ali or Beans.  I am a 3rd year computer science major.  I only recently started Camp Kesem last summer, but can’t wait for it next year!  Outside of camp I enjoy dancing and eating.  My favorite part about camp is singing all of the camp songs.  My favorites include “Baby Shark” and “Pineapple Hat”!
Mo “Ninja” Osei
My name is Ninja. I am sad. I did not submit a description.