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Camper Application:

 Want to have fun like this?
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then be sure to register for our camp for summer 2015 at this link!

Camp Kesem is available to children in Virginia between the ages of 6-18 who have or have had a parent with cancer.

Camp Activities:

At camp we create a safe, supportive, fun environment in which campers support each other and emerge from the week with increased self-esteem and understanding that they are not alone.  We tailor our activities based on age, with a combination of activities by cabin and full camp activities.  For summer 2015, our camp site offers swimming, canoeing, basketball, soccer, tennis, arts and crafts and cooking.  Not to mention plenty of our own Camp Kesem games and songs!  Our teen camp participates in an overnight hike and community service project each year, to foster team-building, leadership and confidence amongst our teen campers.  Cabin chats are another key aspect of Camp Kesem.  Each evening after dinner, cabins sit down together and talk.  Topics can vary from favorite activity of the day to most wanted superpower to what brought them to camp.  It is a key time for cabins to foster a sense of community and is one of the most important aspects of our camp!  Please see below for pictures from a variety of our favorite activities :)

color wars


                                      COLOR WARS!!








circle games



                       Circle games, like WAH MASTER!