What is our mission?

Camp Kesem is an organization dedicated to the often overlooked population of children who are affected by a parent’s cancer.  There are over 3 million kids affected.  Because they don’t appear sick, their needs are often not addressed and they suffer quietly which can have long lasting effects. Camp Kesem is the only national organization that recognizes their needs. We create a peer support network which has life-long impact.

What is a “Kesem”?

Kesem (n.): magic; the ability to change a life; an agent of growth; the unique power that transforms kids into Camp Kesem Campers

Who makes Camp Kesem happen?

Although Camp Kesem is a national organization, it us up to each chapter at each university to plan, organize, and fundraise for their own camp.  VCU student leaders are on their way to conducting their first camp this summer.