Our Team


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Audry Dubon (Kitten)
Year: Junior
Major:  Creative Advertising
Favorite thing to do:  Take pictures!
Why I Kesem:  I joined Camp Kesem because of friend of mine who was already involved in Camp Kesem was asking
for volunteers to be part of the coordinator boardand I decided to step up and help her out.
Since joining Camp Kesem, my life has been changed!
Amber Holloway (Sundae)
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Favorite Thing to Do: Hang out with family & friends
Why I Kesem: I joined Camp Kesem because I think it’s an awesome cause and wanted to do what I can to make a difference in this overlooked, AMAZING population of kids.

PR & Marketing Coordinators

Leah Baldo (Mojo)
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Favorite thing to do: Listening to music, singing, and traveling.
Why I Kesem: I Kesem so I can help make a difference in a childs life. Camp Kesem is the best choice I have
ever made and I couldn’t be prouder to be apart of the CK family!
Devin Peregoy (Finn)
Year: Sophomore
Major: Elementary Education
Favorite thing to do: Reading and playing video games.
Why I Kesem:  I Kesem because of the opportunities to work with young people and
give back to an organization that could have helped me in some ways when I was younger.

Operations and Programming Coordinators

Jennifer Holmgrain (Jave the Cup)
Year: Senior
Major: Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
Favorite thing to do: Go on and adventures, hike, drink coffee, read
Why I Kesem: I Kesem because I have seen the difference that it can make for these kids. They are some of the strongest, bravest, and coolest people I know. They deserve the chance to be kids and experience the magic of Camp Kesem and I want to be able to help make that happen for them.
Rizky Hidayat (Bullseye)
Year: Senior
Major: Economics
Favorite thing to do: I looove to eat spicy food!
Why I Kesem: I Kesem because I want to be a lifelong friend
for a child through and beyond his/her parent’s cancer

Outreach Coordinators

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Sam Dixon (Wallaby)
Year: Sophomore
Major: Advertising
Favorite thing to do: Collecting and listening to music
Why I Kesem: I Kesem because I had a parent suffer from cancer,
and when my sister got involved with camp it sounded like an
awesome experience so I followed in her footsteps
Jane Mariani (Margo)
Year: Sophomore
Major: Political Science
Favorite thing to do: Cooking/baking, reading, hanging out with family & friends.
Why I Kesem: I Kesem because I have a parent who is battling cancer, &
I want to help children going through the same thing as much as I can. Also, Camp Kesem at VCU’s first camp this
summer was such an amazing experience & I want to help share it with more kids!

Make the Magic Coordinators

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Morgan Jacobs (Julia Butterfly)
Year: Freshman
Major: Psychology
Favorite thing to do: Is tearing off the pages of my happy quote of the day calendar when I wake up :)
Why I Kesem: I Kesem because I had a parent pass away from cancer myself when I was younger and
I want to help kids who are now going through what I once was.

Development Coordinators

Ashley Grant (Aussie)
Year: Junior
Major: Exercise Science with a Minor in Psychology
Favorite thing to do: Going to see new movies especially midnight showings.
Why I Kesem: I Kesem family because I wanted to be able to have the opportunity to make an impact
on the lives of our campers like some of the adults in my life have made an impact on me.
Joining Camp Kesem has been one of the best decisions I ever made.
Courtney Vest (Iris)
Year: Sophomore
Major: Clinical Lab Sciences
Favorite thing to do: to sit by a fire with a warm mug of hot chocolate and
watch Disney movies,Frozen is by far my favorite!
Why I Kesem: I Kesem because I wanted to do something with my life for someone other than myself.
Cancer really sucks, and while I’m not on the front lines doing research quite yet,
I still feel like I’m doing my small part behind the scenes to help erase the awful impact it has on kids.

Volunteer Coordinators

Shab Chinnakonda (Scooby)
My name is Scooby I’m number one
An Anthro major I’ve just begun
So if you see me come and say hi
Cuz I’ve got camp in mind
Ooo he goes to school
I’m third year pre med, ain’t no fool
Ooo he likes to bake
Just do kesem for Pete’s sake
Ooo he thinks fine
Fine enough to kesem
fine enough to be awesome
fine enough to hula hoop
fine enough for all y’all fools.
Razzle dazzle *clap clap clap*
Razzle Dazzle *clap clap clap*
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Monica Jeyasankar (Minnie)
Year: Sophomore
Major: Physics, Math
Favorite thing to do: Traveling and trying new ice cream flavors.
Why I Kesem: I really believe in Camp Kesem’s mission. Also,
all the people in the organization are really friendly and welcoming!