Contribute to our cause:

How to Donate:

1. Online Donation: Visit our GiveBig Page (link below) to contribute to our cause online! You can help our general cause by donating on our team page, or you can help to sponsor a counselor on an individual counselor’s page! Donations of any amount would be much appreciated!

Yes! I would love to contribute to Camp Kesem UW!

2. Mail-in Donation: Donate to Camp Kesem University of Washington through the mail! Please make checks out to Camp Kesem University of Washington and send contributions to the address below:

Camp Kesem University of Washington

PO Box 95696
Seattle, WA 98145

3. In-kind Donation: Contribute by donating supplies from our wish list! Please send all donations to the above address. Thank you again for your support!

University of Washington Wish List