Meet Our Coordinators


Beaker and Kermit help facilitate all the different components that go into making Camp Kesem a success! They work behind the scenes to support the coordinators and make sure Camp Kesem is the best week it can be!


washington_beakerMiranda “Beaker” Gadau

Year: Senior

Major: Molecular Biology

Hometown: Spokane, WA

Favorite Camp Song: Little Red Wagon

Why I Kesem: I grew up going to camp every summer and wanted to help give back some of those experiences to a truly deserving group of kids!



Byron “Kermit” Brink

Year: Senior

Major: Landscape Architecture

Hometown: Ridgefield WA
Favorite Camp Song: Tarzan of The Apes
Why I Kesem: Because Magic.


This team is in charge of planning the week of camp! They plan camp from the moment our first camper arrives to the moment our last camper departs. They are always looking for more suggestions on what we could add to make camp even better!

washington_sokka2Nick “Sokka” Briggs

Year: Junior

Major: Applying to Biochem
Hometown: N/A
Favorite Camp Song: Supercaliforniasurferexpertontheocean
Why I Kesem: My father is a cancer survivor and I love working with kids.







Aaron “Boomerang” Holben

Year: Sophomore

Major: Neurobiology and Psychology

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Favorite Camp Song: Pineapple Hat

Why I Kesem: I joined Camp Kesem because I love camp (I’ve spent the past 8 summers working at one back at home), I love working with kids, and I thought this would be a really cool and unique opportunity!



Our creative Fundraising team spends the year organizing our efforts to make camp happen. They host events throughout the year, from our wonderful Holiday Benefit Concert to our Caterpillar Crawl!



Kolena “Squash” Dang

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Favorite Camp Song: Baby Shark

Why I Kesem: My dad is a cancer survivor, and from the start I have been inspired by Kesem’s fun, inclusive community!




Louise “Flips” Akerblom

Year: Sophomore

Major: Law, Society & Justice, and Sociology

Hometown: Stigtomta, Sweden

Favorite Camp Song: Llama Song!!!

Why I Kesem: My grandfather is a cancer survivor




This dynamic duo and team works with our camper’s families to get campers signed up for camp. They also work with our community partner organizations to help spread the word about camp. Their goal this year to fill all of our 90 spaces with campers!



Brandon “Squirtle” Snguon

Year: Junior

Major: Physics

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Favorite Camp Song: I Get Loose!

Why I Kesem: I wanted to be a part of and contribute to  a loving community that cares about its people.




Kylie “Pipes” Boyd

Year: Sophomore

Major: Early Childhood Family Studies with minor in Education

Hometown: Issaquah, WA

Favorite Camp Song: I Get Loose!

Why I Kesem: Kesem is a wonderful organization that makes a positive impact in the lives of children. Not to mention it’s tons of fun! :)





Handyman and Sensei work to keep our UW students engaged throughout the year. They host our quarterly all-team meetings, plan staff training, and host our counselor interviews!



Peter “Sensei” Geyser

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology/Cinema Studies

Hometown: Redmond, WA

Favorite Camp Song: I make toast!

Why I Kesem: Kesem is really fun, and is also one of the best communities on campus. It’s really cool to see a group of people who probably wouldn’t otherwise interact come together to work towards a common goal and become really tight knit by the end of the year.






Eric “Handyman” Weigle

Year: Senior

Major: Computer Science & Engineering

Hometown: Spokane, WA

Favorite Camp Song: Pineapple Hat!

Why I Kesem: I joined Camp Kesem because it’s fun! That’s really the point of Camp Kesem – everybody who goes to camp has fun. If it takes a year of planning and hard work, then I think that’s worth it! Especially if the planning and hard work is actually also pretty fun.



Make the Magic

These two coordinators are in charge of planning our Make the Magic benefit, the largest fundraiser we hold every year! From planning the event to procuring donations, these two do it all!



Marissa “Starfish” Bruno

Year: Junior

Major: Public Health and Biology
Hometown: Ridgefield, WA
Favorite Camp Song: The Llama Song (Not the Happy Llama sad llama…. the llamallamallamallamaaaaa song)
Why I Kesem: A wonderful spirit and family that supports an amazing cause!


hi brando


Lauren “D. Coke” Locke

Year: Senior
Major: Neurobiology
Hometown: Hockinson, WA
Favorite Camp Song: super california surfer!
Why I Kesem: Because it’s an amazing community that’s supportive, welcoming, and tons of fun- both for counselors and campers!


Pickles watches all our accounts and ensure that we have enough money to send every kid and counselor to camp!


Jill “Pickles” Joiner

Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Hometown: Ridgefield, WA
Favorite Camp Song: Get Loose
Why I Kesem: Because Kesem is the best!!!!!!

Public Relations & Marketing

This is the newest coordinator position at CKUW! These two are in charge of all of CKUW’s social media (which you should all be following!) as well as advertising and the monthly newsletters.



Vincent “Mickey” Fok

Year: Junior

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Favorite Camp Song: Princess Pat

Why I Kesem: Kesem is such an amazing group of amazing people that do amazing things for others! The spirit of this group is infectious.







Mary Anne “Giraffe” Bueno

Year: Junior

Major: Microbiology and Medical Anthropology

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Favorite Camp Song: I Get Loose

Why I Kesem: I love working with kids and love helping others!