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Meet our team



Nala (Anna)

This cool cat goes by Nala. Her camp name comes from her unconditional love for The Lion King, but also her crazy lion hair! She enjoys short walks on the beach, pickles, and candy corn. She is a senior studying Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and hopes to become a pharmacist one day. Nala has been a part of Kesem for almost 3 years since the USC chapter was founded and she enjoys every minute of it. As a Director for the past year and the year ahead she is ready to help make another week of magic happen. She cannot wait to canoe and play messy games this year at camp and see the campers let loose, get funky, and HAVE FUN!



KitKat (Sridevi)

KitKat is a senior and a Neuroscience major and this is her 3rd year being a part of CK. She loves chocolate (as you can tell by her camp name) and she could make friendship bracelets for days! She’s excited to be one of the directors of Camp Kesem USC this year and can’t wait to see everyone’s hard work make our 3rd year of camp happen. I kesem for these kids because they are so brave and compassionate and I have seen how giving them this week to finally take their childhood back can bring out that compassion. I’ve seen how it can give them a support system of peers and counselors that becomes their family. I kesem because we can’t forget that cancer impacts not only the patient but their family as well. Hearing parents tell us how grateful they are and how much of a difference Camp Kesem has made in their child’s life is also why I am a part of CK. I am so excited to get to camp this summer and see our campers again and spread the joy and fun of camp to our new campers as well!



pookaPooka (Claire)

HOLLAAA! Pooka is a sophomore majoring in Linguistics with a minor in Cinematic Arts. She was a yellow unit counselor last yead such a blast. Camp Kesem has been a part of her life since she went as a camper in 2007 at the Stanford chapter. After 5 magical years at Stanford, she knew that she had to be a counselor at USC.  She was a yellow unit counselor last year and had such a blast. Being a part of the CK USC family has been one of the best decisions she has ever made! She is so excited for this summer of camp and can’t wait for even more magic.







Blossom (Emily)

Blossom is a pre-medicine junior at USC majoring in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Aside from her love of medicine and Camp Kesem, Blossom likes meeting new people, service activities, baking, and outdoor adventures! This is Blossom’s third year with Camp Kesem USC and she’s more than excited to be a coordinator with her bestie Bee. She cannot wait to find new campers to add to our CK USC family! Blossom Kesems because she believes in the power of friendship and the Camp Kesem magic. Everyone deserves a loving and caring support system and she hopes to be that for every Camp Kesem camper she meets!






Bee (Breeann)

Bee is a junior at USC majoring in Policy, Planning, and Development with an emphasis in health management with a minor in Public Health. This is her third year with Camp Kesem and she’s so excited to be a coordinator again! In her spare time, Bee likes to bake, read, cook, go on adventures, dance, and spend time with family and friends–especially her co-coordinator Blossom! Bee Kesems because of all the kids (you) in need of a week to just have fun. She has been affected by a loved one with cancer and knows how a child may need extra support. Bee has had two amazing summers at camp last summer and cannot wait to see all returning campers as well as new ones who will be added to the Kesem family.







khaleesiKhaleesi (Arpineh)

Khaleesi is currently a junior studying English & Political Science. She loves to read and write when she’s not busy catching up on her favorite TV shows on Netflix. She was a camp counselor last year and is now part of the PR/Marketing committee. She had an amazing experience at camp last summer and is soo excited for camp 2015! She is so humbled to be a part of such a selfless organization that helps children through and beyond a parent’s cancer.





Scar (Alex)

Yo. Scar is a junior at USC studying Business Administration. There are four things he loves most in life: food, outdoors stuff, sports, and naps. Scar is also a graphic designer and web designer- pretty much a computer geek. On his spare time he likes to lift weights and go biking around downtown LA. Scar also loves to draw. He draws skyscrapers, scenery, houses, and other weird things. Scar also loves kids. He enjoys spending time with his younger cousins and Camp Kesem campers. He loves kids because they are curious and fearless. That’s why he loves being a part of Camp Kesem.








Starfish (Sarah)

Hi friends! My name is Starfish and I am a senior studying Biomedical Engineering! This is my third year in Camp Kesem, and my second year as Volunteer Coordinator. My favorite part about camp is being able to give our campers a home away from home and another family they know they can count on for anything. Outside of Camp Kesem, I am a part of USC Helenes, Global Medical Brigades, and the Trojan Dance Marathon Planning Committee. I love green tea, fruits, and hiking! I’m so excited for Camp Kesem 2015! It’s going to be the best camp yet!

Aladdin (Jehan)

Meet ALADDIN!!! He’s a junior, neuroscience major, and 2nd  year counselor!!! I Kesem because it has always been my goal to help others. My personality is such that I always think about others before myself, and as a camp counselor I know I can positively impact a largely overlooked (but still conspicuous) population of children as they endure one of the most challenging times of their lives. Experiencing the grief that results from a loved one’s cancer is never easy, especially at such a young age, but I’ll be satisfied if I can make even a small impact on these children’s lives. My favorite hobby is playing music. I’ve been playing the clarinet, saxophone, and piano since middle school. In high school I played the alto and tenor saxophone for the varsity jazz band. Being in the band taught me to appreciate jazz music, which I now think is one of the most beautiful and spontaneous genres in all of music. Above all, my favorite thing to do is play the piano. Once I get into my zone, I can (and will) literally play for hours at a time.