Meet our team

Our 2013-2014 team!




Chip (Atineh)

Chip is a senior at USC studying Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and aspires to one day become an oncologist. Ever since experiencing the Kesem magic at USC’s first camp session in 2013, she often reminisces about the most amazing week of her life and wishes to go back. She’s extremely excited for camp this upcoming summer and cannot wait to reunite with old campers and to welcome new campers to the Kesem family.

Nala (Anna)

Nala is a junior at USC studying Health Promotion and Disease Prevention with hopes of becoming a pharmacist one day. She enjoys dancing, singing and going to the beach with friends. Nala is the co-directior for Camp Kesem USC and is stoked to attend her second year at camp. Being a part of the Operations team last year allowed her to plan all the activities for the children attending camp which was one of her favorite tasks. As co-director this year, she would like to continue to contribute to the magical week of camp we look forward to all year. She cannot wait to see new and returning campers and spread the CK magic!





Chewie (Yash)

Chewie is senior majoring in Neuroscience. He enjoys watching and playing sports, especially football and basketball, and plans on attending medical school after college. Chewie Kesems for the moments of spontaneous fun and laughter that can only be found at Camp Kesem.

Meatball (Chris)






Daisy (Sara)

Daisy is a junior at USC majoring in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. This is the second year she is involved with Camp Kesem USC and she just can’t get enough! She was previously the coordinator for Camper Care and this year she is co-coordinating the Operations Committee. Camp Kesem was one of the most magical experiences Daisy has been apart of. In her free time, Daisy likes to cook and judge weirdoes on reality television.  She admits to being a bit of a jokester that will definitely make you chuckle, at the least. She doesn’t like to brag but she is great at impersonations. Daisy is really cheesy, that mostly comes from her love of cheese in all its glorious forms.

Ladybug (Nikta)

Ladybug is a senior at USC majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Law. She plans on attending law school next fall and is super sad to be leaving behind her Trojan Family and Camp Kesem Family . This is her second year as part of Camp Kesem and she was a counselor for the first time last summer! Ladybug Kesems because she wants to give kids the experience that she did not have when she experienced having a parent with cancer. She’s super excited to see everyone next summer. WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!




Charmander (Brandon)

“Hiya, CK gang!” (says Charmander). Charmander is a graduate student studying Physiology and Biopysics, with his research focused in cancer immunotherapy. He believes there are only four things you need to sustain yourself in life: Owl City’s anthology, a hefty sum of oatmeal, a DVD copy of “WALL-E,” and witty pick-up lines. Charmander Kesems because of what he believes his campers embody: hope and resilience. The ability of Camp Kesem campers to cope with the stress and pressure of a loved one’s burden with cancer, yet grow up as amazing kids and pursue their biggest dreams has taught him that anything is possible–whether it be climbing to the top of a rock wall, having a parent beat cancer, or even finding a cure for cancer–as long as you believe in the Kesem magic!

Starfish (Sarah)

Starfish is a junior studying Biomedical Engineering and Spanish on the pre-medicine track. She is so excited to be the Student Support (Volunteer) Coordinator this year with her awesome co-coordinator Charmander, and can’t wait to meet all of the new Camp Kesem USC members! Last year, Starfish was the unit leader for the Green Team at Camp Kesem (Green Team, Dream Team!).  Outside of Camp Kesem, Starfish loves going to Disneyland, traveling, hiking, watching movies, and volunteering with other organizations. Starfish Kesems because she believes in the Camp Kesem Magic and wants to be able to build a strong, supportive CK Family for the campers.

















Blossom (Emily)

Blossom is a pre-medicine sophomore at USC majoring in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Aside from her love of medicine and Camp Kesem, Blossom likes meeting new people, baking, and outdoor adventures! This is Blossom’s second year with Camp Kesem USC and she’s more than excited to be a coordinator with her bestie Bee. She cannot wait to go to camp this summer and see the amazing returning campers and some new friends! Blossom Kesems because she believes in the power of friendship and the Camp Kesem magic. Everyone deserves a loving and caring support system and she hopes to be that for every Camp Kesem camper she meets!

Bee (Breeann)

Bee is a sophomore at USC majoring in Policy, Planning, and Development with an emphasis in health management and minoring in business. This is her second year with Camp Kesem and she’s super excited to be a coordinator. In her spare time, Bee likes to bake, read, cook, go on adventures, camp, dance, and spend time with family and friends–especially her co-coordinator Blossom! Bee Kesems because of all the kids (you) in need of a week to just have fun. She has been affected by a loved one with cancer and knows how a child may need extra support. Bee had an amazing time at camp last summer and cannot wait to see all of the campers again and some new faces.




Make the Magic:

Bear (Arinjay)

Bear is a senior majoring in Health Promotion Disease Prevention at USC. He loves to play basketball, read, learn languages, and watch funny movies. He wants to attend medical school after college. Bear kesems because he loves camp and loves to make people smile :D

KitKat (Sridevi)

KitKat is a hunior and a Neuroscience major. She loves chocolate (as you can tell by her camp name) and she also loves baked goods. Yum! She kesems to see the delight on our campers’ faces during camp and to give them that fun week to just be a kid. She Kesems to get to know our campers, to play with them, to support them, and to be a part of the most amazing family – the Camp Kesem USC family.





Sunshine (Bijou)

Sunshine is a senior majoring in History and she plans on attending medical school next year. She loves taking pictures, ONE DIRECTION, Harry Potter, cats, and Disney movies! She doesn’t own a single pair of socks and her favorite food is cereal. She’s probably the tallest person you will EVER MEET! Sunshine Kesems because she knows what it was like to grow up with a family member having cancer and because of the amazing Camp Kesem family she gets to meet among counselors and campers! She’s so excited for Camp Kesem 2014!!!

Pippin (Juan)