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Meet the Coordinators!

A quick video introduction: Camp Kesem UPenn 2013-2014 Exec



Hi everyone, my camp name is Freckle and I am senior in the nursing school! I become involved in Camp Kesem because I love everything about camp–from the songs to the s’mores, but most importantly, the campers! I am a two time Volunteer Coordinator but I am now serving as your Co-Director. I cannot get enough of the song “Buffalo” and making silly putty during Science and Nature! When I am not at camp, my favorite thing to do is cook!

















My name is Mojo, and I’m a junior in the Wharton School studying Marketing and Finance.  Last year, I served as one of the Development Coordinators, and at camp I’ve been both a cabin counselor and unit leader within the Green Unit.  I became involved in Camp Kesem because summer camp is just absolutely too much fun and it’s great hanging out with an awesome group of kids and counselors for a week.   Undeniably, my favorite camp song is Buffalo, so much so that even outside of camp I’ve tried to start spontaneous games with random groups of people (with varying degrees of success).  Looking forward to camp 2014!



Hi everyone! My name is Simba and I’m a senior studying Political Science and French. I became involved in CKUP because of the amazing mission and people. This will be my third year as an Admin coordinator and I can’t wait to get started planning Camp 2014! My favorite parts about camp are s’mores and Messy Olympics and my favorite camp song is Buffulo! In my free time I like to bake and read.


My name is Phineas, and I am a senior studying Sociology (mostly).  I became involved with Camp Kesem my sophomore year because I believe in the strength of the CK community and am proud to have been a Red Unit cabin counselor for our first two camps, as well as a fundraising coordinator for Camp 2013.  My favorite part about camp is getting to play almost every game I know in a single week, and even learning a few more.  My love for the Penguin song is rivaled only by my newfound obsession with the Chicken song.  I plan to spend the next 11 months strengthening my vocal chords in an attempt to not lose my voice until the third day of camp this year.

Community Outreach


Hi everyone, my name is Dory! I’m a senior in the nursing school and I joined Camp Kesem UPenn because of my awesome friends that were already involved. This summer will be my third year as red unit counselor and my second year as a Camper Care Coordinator here at Camp Kesem UPenn. My favorite part of camp is swimming at the pool and my favorite camp song is the Penguin Song! In my free time at school I like to explore Philadelphia by running downtown.


Hi Everyone, I’m Curls,  one of the Outreach Coordinators on Camp Kesem’s Executive Board at Penn. I am a Sophomore in the nursing school and became involved in Camp Kesem during the beginning of my Freshman year as a general body member. I originally became involved in Camp Kesem because community service has always been a passion of mine and the organization had a wonderful cause for me to become involved in with a great mission. Cancer is something that has personally affected my friends and family, therefore, Camp Kesem’s unique mission stood out to me. Then this summer, I took on the role of becoming a Camp Kesem cabin counselor for the green unit girls (girls ages 8 to 10 years old). Camp was such a fun experience and my favorite activities during the week were the messy olympics and the camp fires and s’mores.  My favorite camp song is “The Penquin Song” and after camp, I still continued to sing this song at home and on campus. Camp was undoubtably a life changing experience for me and I am very excited to now be a part of the Executive Board and make camp next year a success!


Little Fish

Hello World! My name is Little Fish, and I’m a senior in Wharton studying Management. I became involved in Kesem as a sophomore so that I could show support to children whose parents have cancer and impact their lives in a meaningful way. Since then, I’ve been involved as a red-unit counselor and on the 5K committee. My favorite thing about Kesem this year was taking the nature walk during science & nature, because I got to visit the pond where I’m from and say hello to the other fish. Singing the penguin song was pretty up there too! When I’m not studying or doing research, I enjoy long distance running, traveling, and walking or playing with my dog.

Beach Bum

Hey all, my name is Beach Bum. I am in the College of Arts and Sciences Class of 2016. I got introduced to Camp Kesem because of a recommendation from a friend. I am glad I looked into Camp Kesem and became involved this past summer by being counselor of the red unit boys. One of the best parts of camp is to see these kids have the time of their lives at camp for the week and want to come back for years to come. Watching the excitement on the campers faces whenever we sing the penguin song together is also a memorable event from camp. Whenever I’m not found lounging on the beach like a Beach Bum, you can find me playing the infamous game of ‘Gaga.’




Roo (MTM Chair)

Hi Everyone! I am Roo, a Junior in Nursing with a minor in nutrition. I became involved with Camp Kesem because I was inspired by the amazing work that this organization carries out. I have been a counselor for two summers. My favorite part about camp is making new friends, and my favorite camp song is the Moose song!


















Cupcake (MTM Chair)

Hey guys! My name is Cupcake, and I’m a sophomore studying International Relations at Penn. I became involved with Camp Kesem because my mom passed away from ovarian cancer while I was in high school, and I wanted to continue to help kids who have gone through the same thing. This past summer I was the Green Girls Counselor and had so much fun with all the campers. My favorite part about camp is swimming- one of my hobbies as well. My favorite camp song was definitely The Wizard Song- our Green Girls couldn’t stop singing it during camp. I can’t wait to meet you all this summer!


















Hi there! My name is Peanut and I am a junior nursing student. I got involved with Kesem two years ago because I love camp! I work as a volunteer coordinator, which means I get to help pick all of our amazing counselors, and for the past two summers, I’ve been the red unit leader. Lucky for me, as you can see in my picture, I was the red unit girls counselor sundae this past summer! My favorite part of camp is getting to know all of our awesome campers and my favorite song is the Penguin song (of course!). I can’t wait to meet everyone involved with CKUP 2014!


















Hey y’all my name is Pickle and I’m a junior majoring in Bioengineering. I got involved in Camp Kesem thanks to the older counselors Zordon, T-Swift, and Sprinkles who are my friends at school and encouraged me to join. I was a cabin counselor last year and this year I’m super excited to be Volunteer Coordinator! I enjoy playing sports, swimming, and just being outside, My favorite part of camp is when we get to go swimming every day and my favorite camp song is definitely the Penguin Song. I can’t wait to be back next summer!



















Marketing and Public Relations


Hi All! My name is Bee and I am a senior in Wharton School studying Management and Operations and Information Management. I have been a part of CKUP since the beginning, serving on the Executive Board first as a Development Coordinator, then as Co-Director last year. At camp I had the pleasure of being the 2012 Blue Unit Leader and on the Admin team at Camp 2013! I got involved because my own Mom is a cancer survivor, and I stayed involved because of all of the incredible people I met as a result of being part of CK! My favorite camp song is the Penguin song, and I love campfires. I am already so excited for camp 2014! Can’t wait to see you all soon!


Ladybug is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in European history and minoring in Italian and French. She has been part of CK UPenn almost since the beginning: she has served as PR coordinator and Make the Magic Chair over the past two years and is the Arts and Crafts teacher during camp. Ladybug’s favorite part of camp is obviously arts and crafts! She enjoys the opportunity to recreate all of the craft activities she loved from her own camp experiences for the Camp Kesem campers. Ladybug’s favorite song is “Get Loose!” because it requires some definite sass and awesome dance moves.





My name is Ferb, and I’m a Junior and a computer science major at
Penn. This is my third year with CK UPenn and my first year as a
coordinator. I have been a cabin counselor for the past two years,
first in Blue Unit and most recently in Orange Unit. I became involved
in Camp Kesem because of my sister Phineas who told me how awesome
Kesem is and the great opportunity it provides to have fun with an
great group of kids. My favorite part about camp has to be swimming at
the pool. I love camp songs especially “There Once Was a Wizard”. When
not Kesem-ing I like playing basketball, and playing video games.