Our Staff

Camp Kesem UGA is run by a dedicated team of college students. General questions for our staff may be directed to uga@campkesem.org

Executive Board Members

Our 2015-2016 Board of Directors is coming soon!

Goose – Campus Founder

goose bio picGoose is famous for her ability to multitask; she can text in her sleep and watch entire TV shows in the blink of an eye (once, instead of studying, she watched 4 entire seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” during finals week). She prefers to dedicate her time doing more important things, for example: doing arts and crafts, learning how Excel works, and rereading the entire Harry Potter series 6 times. She loves playing the Animal Game at camp, during which she usually picks the giraffe (her favorite animal).

Honey – Campus Founder

There are only two things that Honey loves as much as Camp Kesem: coffee and costumes. If this information made you guess that early mornings are Honey’s least favorite thing about camp and theme days at camp are Honey’s most favorite thing about camp, you guessed right! She also enjoys any silly repeat-after-me song that comes with a dance routine. Her current favorite is “It’s a Sixties Party.” Honey’s claim to fame is that she once danced on-stage with Britney Spears.