Our Staff

Camp Kesem UGA is run by a dedicated team of college students. General questions for our staff may be directed to uga@campkesem.org

Executive Board Members

Gump – Co-Executive Director

10270840_675345145852916_7503859817309722549_nHarnessing the eternal powers of her spirit animal, Jimmy Fallon, Gump holds her position as both the biggest Tom Hanks fan you will ever meet and world renowned cheesecake connoisseur. When she isn’t on a quest to explore all the corners of the earth, she can be spotted tirelessly making pic-stitches of her favorite titles off of the Academy’s “1000 Films to See Before You Die” with Bruce Springsteen blaring in the background.



Zuko – Co-Executive Director

1234397_10202023304251111_97247994_nAs Katy Perry once said “California girls, we’re undeniable”, and Zuko is no exception. Hailing from the Golden Coast, she’s busy continuing her hiatus against pork, ham, bacon, etc. Why you ask? Because Pigs are her favorite animal. So much so that her favorite book is Charlotte’s Web, she’s got Porky the Pig on speed dial, and has purchased an impressive amount of memorabilia from the Piggly Wiggly. Th-th-th-that’s all folks!



Beluga – Development Coordinator

10439002_688979504489480_6603121993732414866_nSome say a man is defined purely by the company he keeps, which in Beluga’s case is our awesome Camp Kesem family, so he’s off to a good start, but Beluga possesses several other astoundingly impressive skills that put him over the top. He’s retired from his many years in the Atlanta Youth Symphony Orchestra, where he pushed audiences to tears with his sweet kazoo melodies. His calves are insured for 50,000 simoleons, and he is well versed in the vast realm of whale science and other nautical facts.


Puffin – Development Coordinator

10440238_658750974204614_263774556459727807_nModern science claims that humans are 70% water, but the human marvel that is Puffin defies all facts previously established. Curious about her own biological composition, she enlisted the help of her nursing school friends to perform some tests which ultimately confirmed she is 50% diet coke, and 50% mexican cuisine, however she is still waiting on the results that will determine if that half is more queso than anything else.


Stitch – Development Coordinator

10423292_688979574489473_2119391873393443352_nChampion of all “Hey, Check Out My Scar” competitions nationally, Stitch earned his name from an impressive set of fifty stitches on his head. His passion for all things outdoors and adrenaline pumping, such as zip lining above the rain forest in Costa Rica and shredding the slopes in Colorado, probably foreshadows the possibility of more stitches in the future. Luckily his mantra remains “You Only Live Once”, so Stitch’s granola lifestyle shan’t be halted any time soon.


Stallion – Development Coordinator 

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 10.06.59 PM

You may recognize Stallion from her younger years.  She has a famous face that was once featured in a local Kroger advertisement. Kroger probably should have hired her at the age of 6 though because she is an excellent baker. Her dream is to own her own bakery someday!  For the meantime though, she’ll just have to stick to making treats for the rest of the exec board every Monday through Saturday. Click here for the donation page of Emily “Stallion” Cissel.

Gravy – Operations Coordinator

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 3.49.00 PMAll aboard the Gravy Train! Gravy is always up for anything! He took his own training wheels off of his bike at age 3, then immediately crashed it in the front yard and got back up to try again. All while wearing a helmet, of course- safety first! This classy gentleman’s all-time favorite eatery is Waffle House, which may have something to do with his breakfast-themed camp name. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to experience Gravy leading everyone in his favorite camp song:  the Jellyfish Song. Click here for the donation page of Justin “Gravy” Valle.

Meatball – Operations Coordinator

10547660_688979661156131_9156742922055066120_nYou say he’s got a chip on his shoulder? Think again, because as a matter of fact Meatball has a metal plate holding his left collar bone together. This special skeletal accessory gives him more than enough inspiration to fulfill his destiny as mountain man/ pastry chef/ marine biologist (he’s currently neck deep in research which denies the existence of narwhals), but on a good day he’s dining at the Cheesecake Factory, eating the same meal he’s ordered for about 14 years.


Java- Operations Coordinator

10501635_688979531156144_1185728058840407882_nNeed to borrow a book? Java is your girl. Her collection of mankind’s most timeless tales, not including her equally impressive collection of twilight fan fiction, span most of her shelf space in her home. Her favorite color is blue, so much so she’s recorded her own rendition of “Paint it Blue”, and plays it proudly on her way to her bimonthly viewing of the Medieval Times dinner and show!


Rascal – Outreach Coordinator 

10520680_688979594489471_2551097734226369826_nSoccer star extraordinaire, Rascal’s nicknames on the field range from baby camel and Sasquatch due to her long-legged nature. Perhaps one of the most interesting fields of study out of any other member of the Executive Board, Rascal is paying twice as much tuition money as anybody else, purely to be able to count by fives forwards, backwards, sideways, and even in her sleep.


Supreme – Outreach Coordinator

10420231_688979501156147_8842278652554422343_nWorld’s biggest fan of Cheezits, Supreme also expresses her adoration of Julia Roberts by reading three or four pages of “Eat Pray Love” monthly, like she’s been doing for the past three years. To expand her mind and broaden her horizons, Supreme passes many hours on her Nintendo Gamecube, aggressively finishing and restarting the Simpsons “Hit and Run” video game. But fear not, for she plays this game in a very niveau fashion, by obeying all traffic signals and cruising just below the imaginary speed limits.


Riggins – Outreach Coordinator

10517492_688979534489477_94068836079971400_nAaron Carter’s biggest fan, Riggins, often takes time from her fandom to catch frogs. Her obsession with trapping these amphibians spanned from an unfortunate childhood altercation with the popular computer game, Frogger. The inability of those pixelated frogs to dodge traffic prompted her to venture out into the world and prevent any real life atrocities from occurring. She also has no rhythm, whatsoever, like none at all.



Lemon- PR/Marketing Coordinator

10458658_688979687822795_3008793261367234451_nThe first of our kind to be betrothed to a steaming hot bowl of Willy’s famous queso dip, Lemon dreams of one day owning a fox as her pet, claiming she was once named “Prances With Foxes” in a past life. If she’s not practicing her favorite camp song, “Tarzan”, under the moonlight, she is most likely quoting 30 Rock in its entirety and writing extremely long fan letters to Beyoncé.


Oz- PR/Marketing Coordinator

IMG_7011Way on down the yellow brick road, we ran into Oz, which was not surprising in the slightest due to his horrible sense of direction paired with his unquenchable thirst for exploring. He speaks French, owns a timeshare in the back room of his local Taco Bell, and wishes there were someone who loved watching the Wizard of Oz as much as he does (175 times total in 19 years).


Breezy – Volunteer Coordinator

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 10.26.01 PM

It’s a plane, it’s a bird… IT’S BREEZY.  Breezy got her name from going hang-gliding a couple summers ago.  Eventually, once she got out of the sky, she came back down to earth to go live in Chick-fil-a.  Well, maybe she doesn’t live in Chick-fil-a but we’d never know the difference because of how often she’s there.  In addition to loving Chick-fil-a, she adores camp stuff like The Princess Pat song and Honey, I Love You.  And then there’s her border collie Harley, whom she loves even more than chicken. Click here for the donation page of Madison “Breezy” Dooley.

Popeye – Volunteer Coordinator

10557411_688979627822801_8846286650288676271_nThe only student at UGA who doesn’t get GroupMe notifications, Popeye still nurses her unhealthy addiction to Flappy Bird by trying to beat her personal record at least twice every six hours. Her main source of brain food is her omelettes, and she’s recently published a book of her signature omelette recipes themed after her favorite Taylor Swift songs titled “Omelette You Finish, but First, Time for Breakfast.”



Shrimp – Volunteer Coordinator

10492333_688979497822814_3439762908011889182_nA representative of a galaxy far far far away, Florida, Shrimp has many titles under her belt. She was Lil’ Miss Bubba Gumbo in 1998, having swamped her competition by twirling her baton to “C’est La Vie” by european pop sensation Bewitched. She also played college soccer for about 2.67 weeks, another world record. Finally, she’s spent the most time watching videos of pugs running up flights of stairs out of anyone else in the region, she would have the national title if it weren’t for a Ms.Bertha Collins from Acron, OH who beat her record by a solid 30 seconds.



Honey – Campus Founder

There are only two things that Honey loves as much as Camp Kesem: coffee and costumes. If this information made you guess that early mornings are Honey’s least favorite thing about camp and theme days at camp are Honey’s favorite part of camp, you guessed right! She also enjoys any silly repeat-after-me song that comes with a dance routine. Her current favorite is “It’s a Sixties Party.” Honey’s claim to fame is that she once danced on-stage with Britney Spears.