Counselor applications are closed for this school year, congrats to all those selected!

Please email us at: or if you have any questions!


We are always looking for UF students to get involved! We need help planning fundraisers, preparing for camp and finding campers.

There are five committees that we need help with: Outreach (Camper Care), Volunteer (Student Support), Operations (Admin/Programming), Development (Fundraising), and Marketing/PR.

Come to a general or informational meeting to get involved with a committee and come to fundraisers during the year. These meetings will be announced on our Facebook page at

2013-2014 Directors and Coordinators

Directors:  Kelsea Grant & Aynsley Wolk

Operations: Ciara Lepanto & Elizabeth Hyatt

Outreach: Caitlin Arrigo & Lena Wedeen

Volunteer: Keith Shopa & Molly Harry

Development: Nico Waler, Tori Johnson, & Karlie Lacroix

Marketing/PR: Nathan Kelly

CIT: Karlie Lacroix & Nick Perez

Committee Coordinators:  Katlyn Oliver & Zach Wettenstein