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Community Support

Advisory Board

Advisory Board is a group of community leaders and Camp Kesem alumni who come together once a month to meet with our current coordinators. During these meetings, our coordinators will update the board on upcoming events in order to gain insight on how to make our events more successful. Our goal is to utilize our board to reach out to our community and spread Kesem awareness while improving upon our fundraisers and programs held throughout the year. We understand that many of our board members are extremely busy with their own individual commitments, but we do request that each member attend a majority of the meetings that their schedules will allow.

If you are interested in joining our board, please contact  Squirtle  at ucsd.advisoryboard@campkesem.org. We look forward to working with you!

Current Members

Camp Kesem Alumni

Tim “Muscles” Shaw
Jacklyn “Smileyz” Ibrahim
Angel “Cyclone” Robinson
Serena “UK” Hua
Camille “Gorilla” Nguyen
Fannie “Fanny Pack” Ko
Tammy “Jello” Lo
Steven “Waka” Wakabayashi
Adam “Shenanigans” Armas
Kerry “Lamchop” Lam
Molly “Fruit Loops”
Rachel “Malibu” Woolslayer
Megan “Beluga” Su Lee
Adrian “Monkey” Tamas
Benjamin “Avocado” Ross

Community Leaders and Volunteers

Robert Ternansky, Professor at University of CA, San Diego
Kat “Kadillac” Fulton, Cancer Coping Center
Mercedes Garcia-Mohr, Therapist at UCSD Moore’s Cancer Center
Yuko Abbott, UCSD Moore’s Cancer Center
Crystal Ricciardulli, Parent of camper
Janice Lew Santos, Assistant Dean of Revelle (UCSD)
Xiao Wang, Professor at University of CA, San Diego
Arturo Orozco, Oasis Coordinator
Tracy Nakamura, Non-Profit Relations for Philanthro SD
Larrisa Low, Co-President of Philanthro SD
Matt Nakamura, Commonwealth Financial



Printing For Less

Archer-Daniels-Midland Co.
B+L Bikes (Solana Beach)

Jet Rhys (Solana Beach)

The Comedy Store (La Jolla)
Philantro (San Diego)