Camp Kesem National Summit Conference

Sometimes it is difficult to truly grasp what something means until you experience it for yourself. This was true for my first time as a counselor at camp two years ago and was true of our National Camp Kesem Summit conference over the weekend. I know that CK UCLA is only one of 54 chapters […]

Counselor Testimonial #3

Counselor Retreat

Coming off of the high that was Make The Magic, I thought it might be hard to top but once again, the Kesem love outdid itself and went above and beyond at retreat. Everyone jokes about how “awkward” they feel at the first few meetings each spring: newbies are afraid to talk to anyone, returners […]

Make The Magic

It’s always a bit surreal to see an event which you have tirelessly planned for months to come to fruition, but I know all of committee would agree that the fundraiser two Saturdays ago was a perfect reminder of why we do what we do at Camp Kesem UCLA. From frosting almost 200 cupcakes by […]

Counselor Testimonial #1

Camper and Counselor Applications Now Available!

You can NOW apply to be a camper or counselor at UCLA. To register to be a camper, click on the green register button on the top of our Home Page. To apply to be a counselor, go to our “Get Involved” tab to find the online application!

So Long!

Noooo it can’t be over! This is what I say every year at the end of camp, and I’m not alone. It’s incredible how close we get to each other in just a short week, but it somehow happens without fail. It’s my belief that there is a tacit bond between everyone, everyone has gone […]

M is for Maturity

Game Show Mania day! Every year there is a themed camp-wide competition, each time with a different theme, and this year was “game shows.” This meant kids were divided into random teams, not based on age groups, and pitted against each other in such activities as human Pac-Man, human Battleship, Are You Smarter Than a […]

Coming soon!

Dear parents, I want to thank you all for reading this blog for the past week. Your comments really lifted my spirits and I am so happy I could provide this for you, it truly was a pleasure.   Unfortunately, for the last few days of camp, there was no Internet connection, so I was […]

E is for Empathy

The day started quite early for those who went on the polar bear swim at 6AM in the swimming pool. If you want pictures of that you can ask someone else.   After breakfast everyone gathered under the large tent on the field to watch our special guest performer this year, Wild Wonders. It was […]