Hey hey listen up listen up! We still have

spots open for Session II campers (June

29-July 4)!

Please email ucla.outreach@campkesem.org if you know any children or families who qualify for Camp Kesem and can attend Session II. For more information about camp, check out our “About Our Camp” tab to the left side of the home page.


With camp so close to being underway, here are some important camp reminders:

1. Camp Dates

  • Session I: Sunday, June 22nd to Friday, June 27th
  • Session II: Sunday, June 29th to Friday, July 4th

2. Drop Off And Pick Up Information

  • Drop Off: June 22nd (Session I) or June 29th (Session II) drop-off is at 9:00am. **Please pack each of your campers a lunch for drop off day**
  • Pick Up: June 27th (Session I) or July 4th (Session II) at 2:00 pm.
  • Picnic: We invite you to enjoy a family picnic with your children and the Camp Kesem staff to conclude our camp session. Please bring an item for the picnic according to your last name:
    • A-G Main Dish
    • H-L Side Dish
    • M-Q Drinks
    • R-Z Dessert
  • Location: Drop off and pickup are at the same location which is Veteran Park (1429 Veteran Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024). There is also an entrance to the park if you enter from Sepulveda, but it is a couples minutes further walking. Google Map HERE

3. Camper Health Forms

  • If you haven’t already, please make sure to fill out a health form for each of your children. This is mandatory for your child to attend camp. There is a copy of one HERE

4. Camp Kesem At UCLA Parent Facebook Group

  • We invited all of you earlier in the year to join our Camp Kesem UCLA Parent Facebook group. If you missed the invitation and would like to join the group, let us know and we can resend the digital invite. Contact ucla.outreach@campkesem.org.

5. Camp Costume Themes

  • Each day of camp has a different “theme” to it, so we encourage your children to bring costumes to dress up for camp. Please see THIS DOCUMENT for costume ideas
  • Here is a reminder about the themes for each day:
  1. Sunday: “Get in Your Time Machines”
  2. Monday: “Prehistoric Playground”
  3. Tuesday: “Dancing Through the Decades”
  4. Wednesday: “Fasten Up For The Future”
  5. Thursday: “Kesem Explorers: The Age of Discovery”
  6. Friday: “There’s No Time Like the Present”

6. No Campsite Cell Coverage And Very Little Internet

  • We wanted to let you know that during the week of camp we will not have access to cell service and the internet/e-mail access is very limited. We will do our best to check the e-mail account (and post pictures to the CK UCLA Facebook page, if possible) as often as we can, but we cannot make any promises if the internet will be capable of that, so please ask us all questions you may have ahead of time :)  
  • The phone number to reach the campsite if necessary can be found in the pre-camp packet, which is HERE
  • The emergency contact number for the campsite is (626) 449-3339

7. Packing For Camp: Commonly Forgotten Items

  • The packing list is in the Pre-Camp packet, but we want to make sure your child is prepared with everything for camp and is as comfortable as possible! We also suggest writing your child’s name on the tags of their clothes so it is easier to be returned if lost!
  • The necessities: sleeping bag, pillow, t-shirts, shorts, long sleeve shirts, jeans/pants, jacket/sweatshirts, PJs, underwear (10 pair), socks (10 pairs), swimsuit, close-toed tennis shoes, shower shoes, 2 towels, toiletries (soap, shampoo, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste), medication (if necessary, 6 day supply)
  • Necessities that are commonly forgotten: chapstick, sunscreen, hat, flashlight, insect repellant, reusable water bottle, disposable camera, costumes

8. Supplies For Camp

  •  In the next couple days, we will be sending an e-mail with small craft supplies we’d like each family to bring to camp. Look out for our e-mail soon. If you have any issue with getting the supplies before camp, let us know and we can sort something out!

9. Camper Spots Still Open — Please Help Us Spread The Word!

  • As we said at the top of this page, we still have a few open spots in Session II (June 29 – July 4), and waitlist spots for both Sessions (which we may be able to accept for camp). Because you are our best ambassadors, please spread the word to any families in your community affected by cancer with children age 6-16. You can refer them to this e-mail account, ucla.outreach@campkesem.org.

10. We Can’t Wait To See You All At Camp!! :)


To view photos from Make The Magic 2014, please visit HERE

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To give you a better feel for what we do at Camp Kesem UCLA, take a peek at our informational video: