Meet Our Team

Camp Kesem UCI 2013-2014 Coordinators!


fireflyKaity “Firefly” Tallarico

Hello! My name is Kaity but my camp name is Firefly! I am one of the Directors for the UC Irvine Camp Kesem and I am extremely excited to bring the magic of Kesem not only to UC Irvine but to Orange County. I am fourth year with a double major in psychology and public health policy. In my free time I love listening to music or watching musicals. I love to dance and have been dancing since I was three. I am looking forward to singing all of my favorite camp songs this year at camp!



Michelle “Sunshine” Hulley

Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle but everyone knows me as Sunshine! I could not be more excited to be one of the Directors for the UC Irvine Camp Kesem Chapter this year! I am currently a third year Psychology major with a minor in Education. In my free time I love crafting, baking, and watching any tv show or movie about weddings! I have a passion for working with children and I can’t wait to plan a fun and exciting week of camp!




Mikkie “Bobcat” Louthan

Hey everyone! I’m Bobcat, and I’m a 4th year Biomedical Engineering: Premedical student here at UCI. I’m super excited to get involved with Camp Kesem this year, and seeing as it’s our first year, am also ready to have an amazing first camp experience! I’m one of the Outreach coordinators, so my job is to recruit as many awesome campers as possible. My hobbies consist of hiking, exercising, and smiling :) . I cannot wait for this summer!


Svati “Princess” Choudry

Hello everyone! My name is Princess, and I am an Outreach Coordinator for Camp Kesem at UC Irvine. I am a junior here, and am majoring in Quantitative Economics. My hobbies include dancing, playing music, and any outdoor activities. I am so excited to be helping out with Camp Kesem for the first time at UCI. I am looking forward to our camp this summer, and can’t wait to meet all the new campers!



Jessica “Baby J” Nguyen

Hello hello there! By day, I’m Jessica, a 3rd year Biology major, International Studies minor. But at Camp Kesem, you can call me Baby J! I’m very excited to be one of the PR/Marketing Coordinators for Camp Kesem’s very first year at UCI. When I’m not solving crimes (that happen in books) or catching Pokemon (on my DS of course), I enjoy the occasional Korean drama and nice conversations in the park. You can always find me with a smile on my face and the peace sign ready in my hands (because that’s how I take ALL my pictures!). I love meeting new people and I can’t wait to meet all of your beautiful faces and create new memories this year. Keep it real, y’all! ^-^


Nellie “Bambam” Barsegyan

Hi my name is Nellie Barsegyan and I am a senior Political Science and Sociology double major. I am serving on the PR/ Marketing and I am loving it! In my free time I try and see as many concerts as I possibly can. Music means the world to me; anything from Tom Waits to The Ramones. I can not wait for Camp Kesem this year at UCI.



Aryana “Zazzu” Asefirad

Hi! My name is Aryana and I am currently a third year international studies double major in public health policy. I am so excited to be starting camp Kesem at our school this year. I have heard so many wonderful things about this camp and I cannot wait to get to share this experience with my other team mates :] This year I am the Volunteer coordinator along with my partner, Emerald. In my spare time I enjoy catching up on my TV shows, hanging out with my friends and family, reading books and being spontaneous! I also really like to eat food and ice cream. Also I like cats.


Agnilia “Emerald” Eisafhalian

Hi everyone, I am Agnlia Eisaghalian and I am a fourth year at UCI. I am a Public Health Science major and pre-med. I can summarize myself in three words; reliable, kind, and logical. I am super excited to be UCI Camp Kesem Volunteer Coordinator, I have many plans for this year and I can not wait to get started on them


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Tanya “Chewbacca” Luu

HEY Y’ALL! I’m Tanya, a.k.a. Chewbacca, a.k.a. one of the Operations Coordinators for the UC Irvine Camp Kesem Chapter, a.k.a. one of the coolest people you will ever know. I’m a third-year Public Health Sciences major, Sociology minor, and avid fan of the Harry Potter series. I love anything and everything about food. Special skills of mine include crafting, Googling, and being able to nap anywhere. I believe in magic, the inherent goodness of kids, and the mission of Camp Kesem, and I am extremely excited for our first year with Camp Kesem to take off!

image nameMatthew “Rayne” Caudillo

Hey guys! My name is Matthew, But you can call me Rayne!I’m a second year Public Health/ Biology double major at UCI! I love running, hiking, and kittens. I’m the youngest member of Camp Kesem; and the current Operations Coordinator. I cant wait to have loads of fun and make some awesome memories this summer!



Vahe “Venom” Zograbyan

Hey guys! My name is Vahe, and I am currently a fourth-year studying Neurobiology at UC Irvine. I am excited to be one of UC Irvine’s Camp Kesem Development Coordinators and can’t wait to go to our first camp this summer! Aside from school and volunteering, I enjoy working on cars, playing sports, and sightseeing. Born and raised in Southern California, I am also a huge Laker fan! I look forward to raising funds for Camp Kesem at UC Irvine and making this camp a success!





Moses “Viper” Avedikian

Hi everyone! My name is Moses Avedikian and am originally from Los Angeles. I am a 4th year Chemistry major pursuing medical school hoping to become a pediatrician one day and am currently one of your Development Coordinators. I love to travel, I hope to see the entire world in my lifetime. I also enjoy movies for their directing and cinematographic standpoint more than the plot and acting. I look forward to meeting you all at Camp Kesem this year!