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Counselors & Staff

All our counselors are student volunteers from UCI. In addition to having at least 15 extensively trained, CPR-certified counselors on site, we will have medical staff, including at least one nurse and one child psychologist, social worker, or therapist. For students interested in becoming a counselor, see the following for information about the timeline for becoming one! Any questions can be directed to ucirvine.volunteer@campkesem.org.

Counselor Applications:

Camp Kesem at UCI 2014-2015 Counselor Applications will be released by the end of 2014!


Things to keep in mind when applying:

*You must be available for camp which is happening from August 9th – August 14th at Angeles Crest Christian Camp.
*Each counselor is required to fundraise $500 for camp and attend MANDATORY training sessions throughout the year. Other requirements (ie. background check, CPR certification) will be explained more thoroughly after acceptance.
*After the application deadline passes, a doodle will be sent out checking interview time availability. After interviews, please allow us two days to contact you about your status via telephone and/or email.
*The application process will include the application, an interview and a point system that we will be using to determine the best fit for the position.
*Point system: The more points you have, the better chance you have of getting the position. Points are awarded for meeting/event attendances, recruiting friends to apply (have them indicate you as a reference on the application), and amount you have fundraised/how close you are to the $500 mark (bonus points).
*We will also be selecting sub-counselors should a counselor be unable to go to camp or fulfill their requirements. Do not be discouraged if you are selected as a sub-counselor as in the past, over half of sub-counselors have been able to become camp counselors by the end of the year.

Thank you for your interest in Camp Kesem at UCI and feel free to email us at any time if you have any questions!


Can’t make it to camp this summer? Or just want to get more involved? Another great way to be a part of the Camp Kesem family is to be a part of a committee! Because Camp Kesem is a student-run organization, all aspects of camp are organized and run through University student leadership and being a part of a committee is a great way to help us make the Camp Kesem magic happen this year. As a double bonus, being an awesome committee member will help your standing in the selection process for our much-coveted camp counselor positions. Below you can find information on all the committees you can be a part of at UCI’s Camp Kesem!

PR/Marketing: Always on Facebook or Twitter? Love to meet new people? Don’t hesitate to join the PR/Marketing committee. Because we’re a brand new organization, we need all the help we can get the Camp Kesem at UCI name out there. Help us with updating the website/social media accounts, get our name in the press, and reach out to the public so that EVERYONE knows about UCI’s Camp Kesem. Anyone is free to join, especially if you have awesome ideas about how to raise the Camp Kesem awareness on campus and within the community. Email us at ucirvine.pr@campkesem.org to learn more!

Operations: Enjoy planning and coordinating events? Be a part of the Operations committee! You’ll help with budgeting, logistics, and planning of the day-to-day activities of the camp itself. If you want to a hands-on role in coordinating the activities the kids participate in for camp, join the Operations Committee by emailing ucirvine.operations@campkesem.org!

Development: Got a lot of connections? Enjoy fundraising? Join the Development committee! You’ll help with brainstorming ideas for fundraisers, grant-writing, and making connections in the Irvine community to increase awareness about Camp Kesem. Help us plan our Make the Magic event where we can raise even more money for Camp Kesem. The more money we fundraise, the more kids we can bring to camp! If you’re interesting in helping with fundraising and development, email ucirvine.development@campkesem.org!

Volunteer: Interested in developing the counselor team? Be a part of the Volunteer committee and help with counselor recruitment and training for this year. Contact ucirvine.volunteer@campkesem.org to be a part of this committee!

Outreach: Help us reach out to families coping with cancer! We essentially work to get campers to join our summer camp! You’ll be helping us contact families and recruit campers for this summer. We work closely with the families to ensure all proper paperwork has been received and everything is “camp ready”! You’ll be in direct contact with camper families, form connections with hospitals and other non-profit organizations in California, and more. Email ucirvine.outreach@campkesem.org for more information if you’re interested!