Meet the Staff

 The Camp Kesem Davis

2015-2016 Coordinating Team!




Camp Kesem Davis cookieHi everyone! My name is Cookie and I am a 4th year political science and psychology major with a minor in french. I love cookies (hence the name), running, the Giants, traveling, and learning. When I’m not studying I’m usually doing Kesem related things. This is my fourth year in camp and I am beyond excited to be a director!  After loosing my mom to cancer when I was eight I know how important a supportive community is when a family is battling cancer. Kesem is the best silver lining to cancer and I could not imagine my college experience without it!












Hi there! My name is Taz and I am a fifth year (yikes!) design major! Although this is my fourth and final year in Kesem, I am SO EXCITED to be one of the directors this year and make this the best year of Kesem ever! When I’m not doing anything and everything Kesem, you can find me designing on my computer, eating sushi, or playing with my dogs. Having been affected by cancer myself, Kesem has brought more meaning and light into my life than I ever could have imagined, and has been the most rewarding part of my college experience. At camp, I tend to become a target and all, and I mean ALL, the kids want to pie me! Definitely counting down the days until I can run away from all the pies and have the best two weeks EVER!



Development Team


cheez it Hey there! My name is Cheez-it and I am a fourth year Human Development major here at UC Davis. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be a part of the Development Team this year (with my partner-in-crime Han Solo by my side)! This will be my third year with Kesem, and I can truly say that it has been a life-changing experience and one of the most inspiring things I have done. My favorite camp activity is Messy Olympics and my favorite camp song is The Moose Song, although you can probably catch me singing Razzle Dazzle like a broken record during camp (okay, maybe all year long). While I am not daydreaming about being at camp, I enjoy hanging out with all my Kesem friends, going to country concerts, and exploring the great outdoors! I am super pumped to see what Kesem is going to bring to my life this year and am already counting down the days until camp next year!!







hansoloHeyooo!! I’m Han Solo. The 2015-2016 year will be my 3rd year in Kesem. Magical is the only word that I can describe camp with. My favorite of kesem is that regardless of who the campers are or where they come from, they share a commonality that lets them both have fun and emotionally express themselves during their week at camp. When I’m not doing stuff for Kesem, I guess I’m also a 3rd year Applied Math major. I can’t wait for camp this year!












11351120_944232002264714_2591362324285115236_n (2)Hi there!  My name is Clover and I am a second year biomedical engineering major minoring in history and I will be your Treasurer this year for the lovely Camp Kesem.  My favorite thing about Camp Kesem, besides the silly songs and dances, is that Kesem is a way for us to help turn something as negative as cancer into a fun filled week long camp where friends become family.  Having been affected by cancer myself, I love that I am able to help the campers talk about what they have experienced by providing a safe, trusting environment where they can be themselves.  Outside of Kesem, I love to read, bake/cook, and go on spontaneous adventures with friends.  I can’t wait to go back to camp next year and spend time with all of our wonderful campers and counselors, especially to sing the Princess Pat and Pineapple Hat songs!






Make the Magic Coordinator


544460_10151796453387506_1728287610_n  Hi there! My name is Craisin and I am a fourth year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major.  I have been a counselor at Camp Kesem since I was a freshman and I am so excited to be part of the Make the Magic Coordinator this year!  Some of my hobbies include daydreaming about camp during class, eating cereal, and playing piano.  I also have a pretty large collection of chicken-themed household items.  My favorite camp song is Get Loose, Get Funky and I can’t wait to sing it at camp this year!








Volunteer Recruitment



Woah! Didn’t see ya there! I’m Splash, and this is my third year working with Camp Kesem. Kesem has given me the great opportunity to do something great for the community, and I’ve been lucky to meet some pretty awesome people along the way. Working with everyone, whether it has been campers, counselors, advisory board members – you name it, has been such a pleasure. At school, I’m a Genetics & Genomics major and working on a minor in Computer Science. Outside of camp and school, I enjoy just about anything outdoors, and am a big-time Bay Area sports fan (could be where the name Splash came from). If you have any questions about becoming a camp counselor or would just like to chat, shoot Chewy and me an email at!!!!









Hey Everyone! My name is Chewy. I am a fourth year Psychology with a Biology emphasis major. I am super excited to join Splash as part of this year’s Volunteer Team! When I am not tirelessly working on volunteer business, I like to play basketball, play in the sand, and play hide and seek with my fellow Kesemers. If I had to describe camp, I would not have enough time or space on this website to fully capture its magic. It simply is a way for campers and counselors to come together and have an amazing week that changes the lives of both campers and counselors. Can’t wait for camp next year!



Community Outreach



Hola my name is Oso and I’m a 4th year Spanish major! I am sooo excited to be on the coord team this year and work with Pickles as Outreach because she’s so much cooler than me. In my free time, you can find me doing handstands, taking long walks down the beach, and creating world peace. If I could travel anywhere in the world right now it would be camp. I’m already counting down the days for camp next year! Adios!










Hiya, my name is Pickles! I’m a second year Genetics major and I am kind of a big dill. I am beyond stoked to be an Outreach coordinator with my way-cooler-than-me partner, Oso! When I’m not Keseming, you can find me playing with puppies, hiking mountains, or segwaying through town! My dream is to one day own the biggest pickle farm this side of the Mississippi. Camp Kesem is easily my favorite thing about college and there’s no place I’d rather be covered in mustard, relish (aka pickles), and chocolate. Can we go back to camp yet?! By the way, can you tell I like pickles?







Marketing and Public Relations


BirdieHey, Birdie here! I’m a fourth year American studies major and psychology minor. Woooo how time flies. My camp name is Birdie! No, it’s not because I like birds, but because I golf a ton (and make a ton of birdies)! Duh. When I’m not Keseming you’ll most likely find I’m eating, hiking, watching a Giants game! I hope to one day travel the world, but for now I’m stuck in Davis. But that actually ain’t so bad because I have Camp Kesem! I am so grateful to have found Camp Kesem because even though the camp’s mission is to allow kids experience the magic of childhood, it also bought the magic back into my own life. I’m SO excited for this year and can’t wait for the smiles and laughs again at camp!! The great big moose is really cravin’ some juice and wants summer to come faster so he can have some juice!







Hey there! My name is Otter and I am super excited to be a Marketing and PR coordinator with Birdie! This is my second year in Kesem and joining this awesome organization has made such a positive impact on my college experience. I’m a fourth year Wildlife Biology major who loves all things related to animals (especially otters), reading books, and listening to every type of music that you can think of! A random fact about me is that I wrote one of my term papers on otters so I guess you could say that I’m a connoisseur of otters. I can’t wait to get back to camp and experience the magic all over again!






Hello World! My name is Bambi and I am a second year Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior major. When I am not planning camp with the hilarious Fanny Pack and loving Tiger Lily, I like to spend time with my furry friends in the majestic outdoors. You can often find me prancing through the arboretum or munching on some juicy berries at the local Farmer’s Market. I often get mistaken as a camper but I use that to my advantage to snag a couple piggyback rides here and there. My favorite camp activity is Messy Olympics where you see me ungracefully lather up in mustard and ketchup. I can’t wait till CK2016 where I can sing camp songs, eat s’mores and create memories with the amazing campers.


Fanny Pack












Tiger Lily


Hi Guys! I’m Tiger Lily, but feel free to pick from my plethora of nicknames seeing as I now respond to TLily, TLils, Tiger, or even Tigre, and hey feel free to throw another fun one my way. I’m a third year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major thinking of picking up a Classics minor and casually riding that Pre-med strugglebus. Nothing makes my day like a huge hug and a smile, especially from my favorite kids and fellow counselors, so joining Kesem has naturally given me more joy than I could have asked for in my college experience. I’m so excited to be joining the operations team this year! When not on campus you can usually find me doing any of my favorite activities, which include frolicking in the ocean, reading as many books as I can get my hands on, being way too competitive despite my lack of athletic ability, soaking up copious amounts of sunshine, never saying no to ice cream, blasting country music, bullying my friends into watching Disney movies with me, and spontaneous adventuring. So can we just skip past all these irrelevant seasons and get back to summer and the best week of the year again? xoxo TLily



Counselor-in-Training Program 


mooseHey everyone! My name is Moose and I am a second year Viticulture and Enology major (you might say I make Moose’s juice). This will be my second year in Kesem and I am so excited to be a CIT coordinator! A little bit about me… Growing up I always thought I was a cheetah or eagle, but it turns out I’ve always been a moose at heart. I am considerably tall (the doctors say I am a 6’3” but they always disregard the antlers). Although I was just introduced to Kesem a year ago, it has already made a huge impact on my life. It is an honor to be a part of a program that works with such amazing kids! I am so excited to be a part of the chord team this year and I am ready to rock it!