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Meet the Staff

 The Camp Kesem Davis

2014-2015 Coordinating Team!





Hi all! My name is NorthStar, and I’m a fourth year art history major at UC Davis. When I’m not Keseming, you can find me cooking, spending time with my family, or going to Disneyland.  Although I can’t bear the fact that this is my fourth and last year in Kesem, I am thrilled to be one of the directors this year. Kesem has certainly been the biggest and most important part of my college life, and this year is no exception. Freckles and I have an all star coord team this year, so I’m excited to see what amazing things we accomplish. I look forward to helping our chapter grow to two weeks of camp and making sure we play my favorite game, Captains Coming, as many times as possible at camp! 





Hi! My name is Freckles (or Freck-less, apparently freckles fade with age), and am a fourth year (wait.. what?) exercise biology major! I am far beyond excited to be a director with Northstar, and make this year of camp the best ever! This is my fourth year in Camp Kesem, and this year we have a rockstar group of counselors! When not doing everything and anything Kesem, I love traveling, running, snackin’ on peanut butter and exploring the great outdoors! Kesem has been the most memorable and rewarding part of college, and I already can’t wait for summer! Especially the llama song and messy olympics, two of my favorites!



Development Team


544460_10151796453387506_1728287610_n Hi there! My name is Craisin and I am a fourth year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major.  I have been a counselor at Camp Kesem since I was a freshman and I am so excited to be part of the Development Team this year!  Some of my hobbies include daydreaming about camp during class, eating cereal, and playing piano.  I also have a pretty large collection of chicken-themed household items.  My favorite camp song is Get Loose, Get Funky and I can’t wait to sing it at camp this year!









Hey guys, Gilligan here! My friends call me Gilly, and strangers call me Owen. I’m a fourth year English and Economics double major, and most importantly I’m a part of the Development team this year! You can catch me skating around campus in my crocs and socks, a winning combination if you ask me. My ideal evening would involve getting stuck on an island, curling up with my favorite Judy Blume novel, and watching a beautiful red sunset. It’s hard to describe the magic of camp, but once you experience it you can’t help but say, “That’s a good point about camp.” Can’t wait for next year!







Greetings all! My name is Java and I am beyond excited to be working with Gilligan and Craisin as part of the Development Team! I joined Camp Kesem this past year after transferring to Davis. I am a double major with Psychology and Human Development and cannot wait to start my senior year! Camp Kesem is an organization that has grown very near and dear to my heart since first hearing about and becoming involved with it. Camp Kesem has had a major impact on my life and has given me the opportunity to help these kids experience the magic of camp with a supportive group of their peers and counselors who understand what they are going through. As someone who’s family has a long history of cancer, I remember what it was like to be in their shoes just a few years ago. I am inspired by the love and support I have seen through camp and wholeheartedly believe in it’s ability to change lives.  When I’m not doing something Kesem related, you can usually find me with coffee, in hand, running from one activity to the next. I find my inner peace on the soccer field, traveling with my little sister, and spending time in San Francisco.  I cannot wait to get loose and funky at camp this summer.


Make the Magic Coordinator



Hi there!! My name is Taz! I am a fourth year Design major at UC Davis and I’m super excited to be this year’s Make the Magic Coordinator! When I am not thinking about or doing all things Kesem, you can most likely find me drawing around campus, playing with my dogs, Oliver and Cooper, taking mini adventures around town, or eating tons of pizza! This will be my third year in Camp Kesem and, thankfully, not my last. Having been affected by cancer myself, my favorite part of camp is being surrounded by others kids who are just like me. Without a doubt, every year of Camp Kesem brings so much joy into my life and reminds me of how we are never alone. I am so excited to, again, be a part of helping raise the money to get these kids to camp this year! Definitely counting down the days until the best week EVER!




Grant Writing Chair 



Hello world!!! I am Lulu! I am currently the grant writing chair for Camp Kesem! It is my second here at UC Davis and my second year of being a counselor for Camp Kesem. I am majoring in economics and minoring in professional writing.I absolutely love writing, and especially love writing about cancer. I created a blog (www.copingwithcancer.org) where I blog about coping with cancer, my story, and much more. I am also a huge fan of anything that has to do with traveling, weddings, chocolate, DIY projects, the color pink, elephants, and my adorable goldendoodle. Once I graduate from college, I plan on going into finance and then finding my niche in business administration and management corporations after I can’t handle the sleepless nights of Wall Street!


Volunteer Recruitment


JNA_4071 (1)

Hi there! I’m Oops, and although I tend to jump hop and trip through life, joining Camp Kesem my freshman year definitely wasn’t an oops-moment. Now somehow I’m a senior and I’m super excited to be on the Volunteer recruitment team for my fourth and final year with this wonderful group of counselors. I look forward to helping make camp bigger and better than ever, and getting even more whipped cream pies in the face this summer! A few other fun facts about me: I live in a house with 16 people and 10 chickens (my favorite chicken is named Edwina and she does tricks), I can eat a tablespoon of cinnamon (don’t try that at home kids), I had a fish named Mommy when I was younger, and my favorite food is mango. Thanks for stoppin by and ta ta for now!



 Hey! The name’s Anton or, more commonly, Wonton. Creative, I know. I’m a fourth year student of the mind as well as one of this year’s volunteer recruitment coordinators. A few of my pastimes include working out, listening to Celine Dion while taking a gentle bath, and thinking of new camp songs. If forced to eat one food for the rest of my life I would definitely choose nachos. Camp Kesem has been of the most formative experiences of my life and I’m already looking forward to CK 2K15. Is it time to go back yet?








Student Support Chair



Holaa! My name is Alexis Munnelly but my Kesem family calls me Pookie. I have been blessed to have CK with me throughout my college experience. It is my fourth and final year apart of this wonderful group and I couldn’t be more grateful to have found Camp Kesem. It’s an organization full of love and laughter and the most special people I have ever met. This year I am the Student Support chair, here to lend a helping hand in bringing the already incredibly close Kesemers even closer. When I’m not sitting on my computer going through Kesem pictures and counting down the days till camp you can find me downloading music and searching for the next best show. Can’t wait for the days of messy olympics, camp songs, and way too many smores to be here!!







Community Outreach



Hello!  My name is Rocky and I’ll be working with the amazing Chewy this year doing Community Outreach.  I’m a senior at Davis studying Environmental Science and I got my camp name from my favorite introductory geology class!  One of my favorite parts of camp is the mess hall, where we abandon any attempt at civilized dining and clap, bang, and yell while playing games and chowing down on tater tots. After spending a year studying abroad, I absolutely cannot wait to get back to camp already and hang out with our crazy cool campers!!









Hey Everyone! My name is Chewy, but my parents call me Emmad. I am a third year Psychology with a Biology emphasis major. I am super excited to join Rocky as part of this year’s Outreach Team! When I am not tirelessly working on Outreach business, I like to play basketball, play in the sand, and play hide and seek with my fellow Kesemers. If I had to describe camp, I would not have enough time or space on this website to fully capture its magic. It simply is a way for campers and counselors to come together and have an amazing week that changes the lives of both campers and counselors. Can’t wait for camp next year!




In-A-Pinch Chair 



Hey Everyone! My name is Nemo. I am a fourth year Genetics major and I can’t wait to get started! When I am not doing Kesem things you can find me catching up on my favorite tv shows, reading, cooking and planning Relay For Life here at UC Davis. This is my fourth year being involved with Kesem and my third year on the coordinating team. Last year I had the pleasure of planning camp as Operations Co-Chair and this year I am so excited to get our In-A-Pinch program off to a great start! My favorite camp game is Ride That Pony and my favorite song is There Once Was A Wizard. Is it time for camp yet?


Advisory Board Chair



 Hello everyone!!!! My name is DK and I am a fourth year Genetics major at UCD. I am thrilled to work as the Advisory Board Chair with our chapter of Camp Kesem and see what awesome ideas our board members are going to come up with. Kesem has been a huge part of my college career and I cannot imagine my life without it. On my spare I like playing basketball, going to the dog park, or staying at home with friends. I’m super excited to go to camp yet again and see what fun adventures this year holds for us!







Hey guys! My name is Starburst, I am a fourth year at Davis with a major in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior and a minor in Spanish.  I can’t wait to start planning the camp schedule an as an Operations Coordinator and decide on an awesome theme for this year’s camp! When I’m not hanging out with camp friends, I love running, backpacking, listening to endless amounts of country music, drinking coffee and spending all the time I can riding my horse, Ben.   My favorite part of camp last year was watching the Ms. Kesem pageant with all of my teal girls and am already counting the days until the next one!  









IMG_5906Ayooo! My name is Splash (some may know me as Splash-a) and I am a second year Genetics major. I am thrilled to be one of the Operations Coordinators for the coming year! When I’m not Keseming, I enjoy playing basketball, hiking, and traveling. Camp Kesem has been the coolest thing that I have been a part of in college and I can’t wait to work with all of the counselors and campers during the BEST week of the year! Oh, and have you ever seen a penguin dancing??






Counselor-in-Training Program Team



If you’re looking for your Mojo look no further! I’m a 4th Year Psychology and Religious Studies Major as well as one of this year’s CIT coordinators. It’s been my lifelong dream to live alone in a cave where I could read books and ponder the world, but until then I fill my time climbing mountains in search of one. Because I’m not that talkative, people always ask me, “Mojo, what are you thinking?” and the answer is always Food! Wait, I mean, Camp Kesem! I love Camp and can’t wait for next year.  P.S.- Are you going to finish that?





Hey, Birdie here! Im a third year American studies major and psychology minor. My camp name is Birdie! No, it’s not because I like birds, but because I golf a ton (and make a ton of birdies)! Duh. I love to eat everything! But especially watermelons, pickles and sushi. I also love being outdoors and going on spontaneous adventures. I hope to one day travel the world, but for now I’m stuck in Davis. But that actually ain’t so bad because I have Camp Kesem!  Joining Kesem was one of the the best decisions I’ve ever made. Because even though the camp’s mission is to allow kids experience the magic of childhood, it also helps bring the magic back into my own life.  I’m SO excited to be working with Mojo on the CIT team and for camp!! The great big moose is really cravin’ some juice and wants summer to come faster so he can have some juice!





Marketing and Publicity



Hey everybody! I’m Summer and I am one of the Marketing and Public Relations Coordinators for the 2014-2015 school year! I joined Camp Kesem just last year when I transferred to Davis in the fall as a Junior. I can’t believe a year has already flown by and now I’m onto my fourth (and last) year of college! I am a Psychology major with a minor in Human Development. My love of children along with the history of cancer in my family has led me to Kesem and I cannot describe how thankful I am to have joined the most magical group on campus. Other than summertime… some things I love are hanging out at the beach, running, hiking, watching netflix, eating delicious food, and hanging out with my fellow Kesemers! I am so excited to be working with Yoda this year to market Camp Kesem Davis to the fullest extent and really involve the Davis community in making some magic. I can’t wait for next June and the weeks of camp to come! Love always, Summer.


7V27ZehC-S_8XtCpZ0mgdQzdUXp8IzTIAz_wmV0OHvw Hi everyone!! My name is Yoda and I’m working with Summer this year as a Marketing and PR coordinator.  I would love to be as old and wise as Yoda one day, but for now I’m afraid the main thing we have in common is our big ears…Words cannot explain my love for Kesem, as it is easily the best decision I’ve made in my college career.  It has brought MAGIC to my life and I can’t wait until Camp 2015!  Until then, I’m in my third year studying Nutrition Science.  Outside of school and Kesem, I love to hike, do yoga, take road trips, discover new music, cuddle with my german shepherd named Goldie, and EAT! My favorite part of camp last year was all of the smiles and laughter, and I’m so excited for this year with all of our wonderful counselors and kids.





Merchandise Chair

Tiger Lily


Hi Guys! I’m Tiger Lily, but feel free to pick from my plethora of nicknames seeing as I now respond to TLily, TLils, Tiger, or even Tigre, and hey feel free to throw another fun one my way. I’m a third year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major thinking of picking up a Classics minor and casually riding that Pre-med strugglebus. Nothing makes my day like a huge hug and a smile, especially from my favorite kids and fellow counselors, so joining Kesem has naturally given me more joy than I could have asked for in my college experience. I’m so excited to be joining the Marketing and PR team to hook us up with some great merchandise this year! When not on campus you can usually find me doing any of my favorite activities, which include frolicking in the ocean, reading as many books as I can get my hands on, being way too competitive despite my lack of athletic ability, soaking up copious amounts of sunshine, never saying no to ice cream, blasting country music, bullying my friends into watching Disney movies with me, and spontaneous adventuring. So can we just skip past all these irrelevant seasons and get back to summer and the best week of the year again? xoxo TLily