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Camp Kesem 2014


Camp Kesem 2014 UC Davis Counselors

More than 50 volunteer counselors from UC Davis staff the camp.  Counselors undergo extensive training as well as background checks prior to attending camp.  Camp Kesem UC Davis also staffs a nurse and a psychologist.


Camp Kesem is always in need of student volunteers to help out with camp. You must be a student at UC Davis (Graduate or Undergraduate) to help out.

There are a few ways you can help out. Despite camp being only one week a year, we work a full school year to fundraise, prepare, train, and organize camp. In order to do this, we are organized into 4 committees.

The committees are:

1) Development
As a completely student run organization, we raise all of the money ourselves through donations, letter writing, and fundraising events (like the famous Vermonster challenge).
Our budget is constantly increasing, and with it we need more and more people to help fundraise.

2) Community Outreach
This commitee strives to find and work with campers and their parents. They organize the reunions, make sure the campers have all the required information to go to camp, and in general deal with all things that have to do with enabling the children to go to camp.

3) Operations
This commitee helps organize the logistics of camp, help monitor budgetary concerns for camp, and also helps pick the campsite.

4) Volunteer Recruitment

This commitee organizes the trainings of the counselors, picks the counselors, and recruits students to get involved with camp.


Steps to getting involved and becoming a counselor

Becoming a counselor is a competitive process.
A first step to becoming a counselor is to involve yourself with a committee. Our committee meetings are Sunday nights and start at 6pm in Wellman 7. The coordinators will distribute any sort of work that needs to be done to its committee members.

The applications for becoming a counselor for the 2014-2015 school year are now closed.  When it comes time to select counselors in the winter, the interviewers will ask the coordinators about you and your work. Positive reviews will obviously help in becoming a counselor.

Still, even with positive reviews and hard work, there are a limited number of spots for both men and women to become counselors. We have budget constraints which can’t be easily circumvented. But if you get involved and help out, it will increase your odds to beocme a counselor this year, and if not, the next year.

Training will be given after you are elected in winter quarter.

At Camp

Most people who are accepted to camp become regular cabin counselors. That means staying in a cabin with the kids and performing typical counselor duties.

There are 4 Program Counselor positions that are a little different:
1) Arts and Crafts
2) Drama and Music
3) Sports
4) Nature/Adventure

People with talent in these areas and who want these positions are encouraged to apply to be a Program counselor.

Most importantly, being a counselor at camp is an awesome experience and very fufilling. People who are fun and get along with others, especially children, usually make great counselors. For a lot of our counselors, camp is one of the best experiences they’ve ever had. This is an experience that is hard to convey with words. Check out the media page, the pictures throughout the site, and our staff pages to get a feel of Camp Kesem UC Davis. You’re also welcome to ask past counselors about their experiences!

Also, check out our Facebook page to become more involved!