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Better late than never is my policy…

I couldn’t have asked for a bigger or better day three.  We began by swim testing and boating (Dragon boats are rad, in case you didn’t know).  Moved to finishing up arts and crafts, archery, and long cabin-chats.  The dragon boats are 8-man rowboats that require a little skill, a lot of enthusiasm, and a whole ton of energy.  Our middle campers beat our oldest campers in an epic race across the lake.  I can’t decide whether it was will power or the fact that the oldest campers had more dead weight (ahem, counselors, grab an oar!) in their boat.  Either way it was a fight to the finish and I couldn’t be happier about the gigantic smiles and positivity coming off of each boat.


The race was filmed by King 5 news out of Seattle, because we had the unique opportunity to discuss Camp Kesem at UW with Seattle’s news channel.  The news team interviewed two of our campers, Bob and Skittles.  I realize that you will all likely see the story (airing August 30th at 5pm, the “Making a Difference” segment) but I could barely keep it together when listening to these incredibly articulate and thoughtful campers.  Skittles hit the nail on the head when she told the crew that it’s hard not to worry about your parent regardless of what you friends say.  Squeaks and I were interviewed shortly after, but the poignant words spoken by our campers were all we needed to understand why we were all here.


Archery was also a success; we have quite a few Robin Hoods in the making.  Congrats to all our campers who made bull’s-eyes (haha, one of our staff members is named, Bullseye).  I think the thing that has stood out to me all week thus far is the number of agile and athletic kids we have at camp.  I joked with one parent about Olympics 2020, but I realize now that it was no joke.  What phenomenon that children can endure so much emotional burden and still be so ambitious.  That is in more ways than one. These children are planning on being pro athletes, dancers, singers, chefs, authors, teachers, and magical fairies.  What better or bigger dreams could I hope to inspire and support through one week?