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Tropical Tuesday / Teen Lock In

Tuesday was another crazy fun day at here at Camp Kesem. We began the day singing songs and playing games in a camp-wide circle before breakfast. The jellyfish song led by our counselor Gravy continues to be a crowd favorite! More and more campers are having fun leading songs for everyone to sing. It’s great to see their confidence (and smiles) grow throughout the week!

After breakfast, the younger campers dove right into arts and crafts, making posters and pictures using colorful sand. The older campers took advantage of the sunny weather by jumping into a game of Ultimate Frisbee, a team game that rewards working together to pass and score with the Frisbee. After Frisbee, the campers moved into a game of Kermit-Ball, a variation of beach volleyball. The campers formed a team and made quick work of the counselor team, winning with a score of 14-2. Looks like we need to practice more!

Following lunch, everyone headed to the lake to canoe, swim and relax. We all welcomed a chance to cool off from the hot weather and enjoy the beautiful cove that our campsite had access to.

Although the day was filled with lots of fun activities, the evening was the highlight of Tuesday’s experience. The youngest and middle-aged campers headed to a “Kesem Luau” at the pavilion, complete with hula hooping, limbo-ing, face painting and hula dancing. The teen campers got a special treat – a “lock-in” style sleepover in the dining hall! Everyone stretched out in their sleeping bags and blankets as ghost stories were told and card games were played. Our counselor Arrow surprised us all with some delicious s’mores and other goodies. The night ended in a huge game of “Mafia” with nearly all of the campers and staff participating. Overall, it was a great end to the day for Camp Kesem!


CK Love,