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Thursday-Worst-Day and Friday-Bye-Day

Thursday was different entirely, it was our last full day at camp and that forlorn feeling was creeping in.  For me it was the worst day because all this magic, and all these people that I have come to know and appreciate are leaving and returning to someplace that has doors and windows and people who don’t get it.

We boated, and did archery, tie-dyed, and made our banner but the reason I am writing about Thursday is explain the talent show.  Talent shows typically fall at the end of an experience.  I think this is because by the end of an intense shared experience everyone is so incredibly supportive of one another, and so punch-drunk that showing off our truest talents and goofiest qualities is easy and rewarding.  We had some goofy acts: Lion King with all the boys, Lion King with most of the girls, The Conductor and Bear, and Buttons and Suspenders.  We also had some great talent: Izzie and her counselors singing “Call me maybe,” Doodlegeek singing “Payphone,” Phyll hoola-hooping, and of course, our very own Thetas doing the best door cheers any of us have ever seen.

It is not that our campers and staff aren’t extraordinarily talented, because they are.  But the talent show was more one last opportunity to blow off steam and be together before we all go back to our lives where there maybe isn’t as much magic as we need; there are stressors that we sometimes feel like we can’t handle; where there are grown-up problems that can’t be solved by wearing a cape and roasting a marshmallow.  The talent show was a culmination of people being proud of who they are and without worries about tomorrow.


I thought I would finish this blog post by talking about Friday.  We were so happy to see how happy our campers returned, we were happy to be able to sleep through the night, we were happy to be home.  But you know that, many of you were there to be a part of those first hugs, those squeals of joy and those separation tears.  So I’ll leave you with this thought, Camp Kesem 2012 was the biggest success I have had in my 22 years.  I am honored and awed by the people whose lives have changed me.  Mostly though, I am grateful for the ways in which your children have made me believe in magic.