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Thursday | Talent Show

The Camp Kesem talent show is where campers and counselors can show off their special talents in front of the entire camp. This year the talent show was held on the last night of camp. On Thursday afternoon, there was one final practice before the big show. All around the campsite individuals and groups were putting the final touches on their acts. After dinner the entire camp gathered in the pavilion to watch their peers display their talents.

The talent show was full of some pretty amazing acts. Pets wowed the crowd with his spectacular tap dance routine. The teen boys had all the ladies in the crowd swooning with their impressive dance moves. The blue boys enlightened us with their poetry reading. The adorable yellow girls melted our hearts as they led camp songs. Buttercup showed us an impressive trick she learned from her mom. Ice Man transported us to the wild with his elephant sounds. Kit Kat showed off her knack for speed drawing. Chey-Town showed her resilience as a magician while she attempted to guess her participants cards. Grommet and Fireball brought the house down with their dance moves. Like Kermit said, “ Boom boom pow? More like boom boom wow!”

The younger boys were definite crowd pleasers as they performed the new dance craze “Harlem Shake” while the teen girls gave Beyoncé a run for her money with their rendition of “Move Your Body.” Little Diva and her special guests sang some camp favorites, and Wizard had us all mesmerized with his cool moves. Skittles showed off her intense hula-hoop skills. Tip serenaded the crowd with a song. Some of the lovely ladies in the blue group delighted us with their performance of the cup song. And who needs the Backstreet Boys when you’ve got Mufasa, Lightening, Pops, and Gravy?! These four gentlemen were our special guests and they lip-synced the Backstreet Boys infamous hit “I Want It That Way.” Obviously Camp Kesem is full of some talented individuals.

All the performers did a great job. There wasn’t a moment during the whole show that the crowd wasn’t entertained. The support the crowd gave the participants was really heart warming. It was great to see counselors and campers come together to create memorable performances.  Special thanks to Kermit and Wall-E for hosting the talent show, and keeping the crowd entertained with their funny commentary.


Kesem love,