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Third Day


Yesterday was a great day! In the morning rotations, for the first time in CK UR history, we hosted a Taiko drumming group. It was definitely a “hit” with all the campers. In Arts and Crafts, the campers made address books and in Sports they played both soccer and ultimate frisbee. During the morning rotations, both of the teen groups participated in team building low ropes activities, followed by the high ropes course in the afternoon (each and every teen completed the course!).

The younger, middle, and older groups went swimming and canoeing after Feet on Bed Time and before dinner. After dinner, we held our Empowerment Ceremony —  the time when counselors share  their own stories, emphasizing the positive lessons that can be learned from difficult life experiences and loss. After that, any camper who wants is encouraged to share their stories, and many of the kids chose to.  After Empowerment we asked the kids to draw a picture of what they were feeling, or a happy thought, on a small piece of paper. We will be making a poster will all of these pictures for you to see on Thursday. Those who wished were allowed to go back to their cabins at that point. The others used chalk to illustrate their fears and then, as a group, used water to wash them all away. Although there were tears, and about 20 minutes of torrential rain, all the counselors and I felt it was a good experience for the campers. All of us were very moved by the strength and bravery of each and every one of your kids.

Closing Songs- 8/19

Free time – 8/20

Taiko picture won’t load… hopefully I can get it up with tomorrow’s post. Sorry!