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Themes, Themes, Themes

Every year we have a theme for the week.  What are you favorite themes?

My favorite camp themes are the ones that campers can get just as involved in as the staff.  So ones like super heroes, western, and circus are great because they are generic enough that an hour or so with some arts & crafts material and a bit of imagination and everyone in your cabin or group and be fully dressed up and engaged.  More importantly though, it doesn’t really matter what the theme is, it matters how you use the theme.  Can you include it in the meals, at regular activities, and during evening activities?  Can there be spin-off themes?  Could half the camp be super-villains and half be super heroes and the evening activity be a big game of Capture the Flag?

For the best list I have every seen of great theme ideas, visit the blog www.summercampprogramdirector.com


Scott “Funsize” Arizala

Camp Director for Camp Kesem, Vice President of Summer Programming for Dragonfly Forest, Summer Camp Consultant & Trainer, and award-winning author of S’more Than Camp.  For more information please visit www.TheCampCounselor.com