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Counselor Perspective: Pumbaa

The first time I heard about Camp Kesem was in my organic chemistry class during my sophomore year. This immediately caught my interests because I love kids. When I found out that I had the opportunity to become a coordinator, I knew I had to take it. I knew that this would be a great […]

Counselor Perspective: Bubbles

When I first heard about Camp Kesem, I thought it was such an amazing organization. I immediately joined, probably like most of you new counselors and got really involved. Back then, I had no idea what I was getting into. I did not understand why counselors would tear up when talking about the empowerment ceremony, […]

Alumni Additions: Lilo

We all have someone we look up to, whether it be our parents, teachers, celebrities, or all of the above. They give us strength and hope through their unconditional love, attitude, and their ability to help us learn by example. But you should know, that the people I look up to I actually look down […]

Counselor Perspective: Mufasa

I was super lucky to be a counselor this past summer because I never actually heard about the camp until 2 days before. It was a Cinderella story really being called right after my flight landed from New York to head to Austin for a week of camp. I didn’t know what to expect at all, but […]

Counselor Perspective: Belle

Most would think that one week out of a lifetime wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but add in Camp Kesem and that week becomes a part of your life forever.  Unforgettable moments can be as simple as a hug from a camper to the emotional roller coaster of the empowerment ceremony.   Every moment […]

Counselor Perspective: Nom Nom

Camp Kesem was one of best experiences in my college career! In our five days at camp we did too many activities to count, like sliding and swinging into the Guadalupe River, perfecting our archery skills, riding horses and playing an infinite number of gaga ball games! We sang quirky songs and chants that would […]

Poetry Corner: Waffles

Camp Kesem is:   Carefree Amazing Messy olympics Part of a family   Kids being kids Empathy Smugglers and Spies Empowerment MAGIC.

Counselor Perspective: Blossom

Kesem (n.): magic; the ability to change a life; an agent of growth; the unique power that transforms kids into Camp Kesem Campers. I arrived at camp the first day feeling pretty inadequate and skeptical. Despite hearing so many good things about camp and being super excited about it in the months leading up to […]

Poetry Corner: Mulan

Kesem means magic, Family. We can’t sink with A rig of bamboo.

Counselor Perspective: Mater

It was the last long run I was going to do with my dad, or “Pops” as he’s known on our advisory board, before I run the Austin half marathon in a banana suit. Yep, a banana suit. For 13.1 miles. It was a haphazard fundraising ploy I didn’t expect to actually work, but once […]