We serve children from all parts of Texas who have a parent who has or has had cancer.

Ages of the campers will range from 6-16 years old, and we will welcome children of any race, ethnicity, or religion.

Camp is free to all families who wish to send their children


Arts and Crafts:  Explore your creativity!

Swimming: Fun at the lake includes a water trampoline and a BLOB!

Chill Zone: We stress the importance of taking a break from the summer heat to rest and rehydrate. Listen to music, drink some water, and play indoor games with friends.

Sports: Have you ever played Ga-Ga?

Outdoor Adventure: Enjoy hikes of our beautiful facility.



“[Camp Kesem] is by far the best camp I have ever been to. Everyone there had about the same reason for being there and it was nice to know others had the same experiences.”

  - camper, age 12

“During cabin chat I was free to express my feelings and everyone listened and no one laughs.

 - camper, age 11

“It’s made him comfortable with my having had cancer and living with the process — he knows he’s not alone.”

 – parent of camper, age 10

 “[Camp Kesem] makes him feel safe in a world that he discovered at an early age is insecure, and relaxes him by having seven days of non-stop fun.”

 – parent of camper, age 7

 “Having come off a very tough year with quite a sickly father, this was a fun-filled, active, self-esteem building camp that stood out as such a wonderfully positive event in such a sad, depressing, stressful year of sickness.”

- parent of camper, age 12

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