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Counselor Blogs – Splash

Howdy! My name is Kelsey Wood, but at camp I go by “Splash.” I am a senior at Texas A&M majoring in Animal Science with hopes of becoming a high school agricultural science teacher. Last year was my first year serving as a Camp Kesem counselor, and I loved it so much that I decided […]

Counselor Blogs – Pickles

Howdy! My name is Pickles and I’m one of the Community Outreach coordinators! This year will be my second and final year at camp and I can’t wait for summer to get here already so we can go back! I found out about Camp Kesem through a school wide email last January and once I found […]

Counselor Blogs- Darla

Howdy! My name is Katy Bimmerle, but I go by “Darla” at camp. I am a sophomore here at Texas A&M, majoring in Education to become a middle school math and science teacher. Last year was my first year serving as a Camp Kesem counselor, and after spending a lot of my time with my […]

Counselor Blogs – Katniss

Howdy! My name is Molly Brockenbush, although I go by “Katniss” at camp. I am a junior English major from Arlington, Texas. I have been involved with a couple other organizations during my college career at Texas A&M, but I heard about Camp Kesem from my cousin (“Squirrel”) who got involved her freshman year. She […]

CK TAMU DAY 1, 2, and 3!

We’ve have been having so much fun at camp this year. Our internet connection has been very slow and does not work properly at times to say the least. We will try to continue to update everything as much as we can, but if the internet is not available then we will post all the […]

Counselor Blogs- Rafiki

Howdy! My name is Louie Elizondo (or Rafiki at camp) and I am a senior Bachelor of Science in Psychology major from San Antonio, Texas. I transferred here to Texas A&M in the Spring of 2011 and right away I received an email from Camp Kesem about applying to be a counselor. This was not […]

Counselor Blogs- Encore

Howdy! My name is Victoria or as my campers like to call me “encore”. I am a junior early childhood education major here at Texas A&M University. Being at A&M has been a wonderful experience. Having two parents that are Aggie graduates I knew I was destined to be an Aggie. While being at A&M […]

Counselor Blogs- Iceman

Howdy all, Iceman here. I’m the proudest member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie graduating class of 2012 (Whoop!) and a 2 year alumni of Camp Kesem. If you’re reading this, you are probably wondering what Camp Kesem is all about. Well before I answer your questions, I have a quick QA of my own (since […]

Counselor Blogs- Lime

Howdy! My name is Emil Stavinoha, but around Camp Kesem I’m better known as “Lime.” I’m a former student of Texas A&M University after graduating with my degree in Electrical Engineering. Previous blogs have mentioned “veteran” counselors, and I’m one of those having done Camp Kesem for the past two summers. Veteran sounds much better […]

Counselor Blogs- Winston

                  Howdy!!!  My name is Adriana Khalil aka Winston, a sophomore business major here at Texas A&M University (A-A-A-A-A!!!), and more than proud to share my Camp Kesem TAMU story.                   Last year as a freshman I was sitting in my dorm with my roommates when one of […]