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T-5 days: Camp Kesem Fall Reunion 2012!!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and students gearing up to be with family and friends gobbling down yummy foods, what could be better than taking a break from our school routine to get together with our Camp Kesem family?! Yeah, I agree…. NOTHING. On November 17th, we’ll be hosting our first CK reunion! Spoiler alert: LOTS AND LOTS of magic happening on campus this Saturday from 2-5pm! Squirt and I have been brainstorming, with our wonderful committee members, since the start of the semester to make sure we bring some summer fun to our campers and their families in the middle of fall! We’ve planned something for everyone to make sure we’re all laughing, smiling, and spreading some love! Our CK team has planned some great activities to remind us all why we love our Camp Kesem family, and the fun and excitement we all experience while at camp! I know I’m most looking forward to catching up with our campers, sharing how their school years are going, and many other anecdotes! Counselors, we hope you all love to eat pie! Campers, get ready to be transported back to Camp Mohawk with some silly fun! We miss you all SO MUCH and hope everyone can join us this Saturday from 2-5pm (meeting at the Columbia gates on 116th). Parents, we are looking forward to seeing you all as well, and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to bring your kids (our lovely campers) to visit us!! Applications for Camp Kesem 2013 will be available soon so we are excited to update you with all we’ve been doing thus far for next summer! Please don’t forget to RSVP to the Evite that was sent out, or by e-mailing us at Columbia@Campkesem.org! Can’t wait to see everyone!!

Big hugs,