Upcoming Events

What is Camp Kesem Syracuse doing?


Lacrosse Game

When: Saturday, April 5th at 1:00pm

Where: Onondoga Community College


When: Friday, April 11th

Where: Archbold Gymnasium


When: Wednesday, April 16th and Thursday April 17th

Where: Schine Student Center

Letter Writing Party

When: Friday, April 18th 

Where: T.B.A.

Can and Bottle Drive

When: Sunday, April 20th 

Where: All dorms and buildings!

Healthy Kids Day

When: Saturday, April 26th

Where: North Area Family Y.M.C.A.

Yougurtland Fundraiser

When: T.B.A

Where: 147 Marshall St, Syracuse, NY 13210

Chalk the Quad

When: T.B.A

Where: Syracuse University Quad

First Nationwide Relay Marathon

When: June 21st-25th

Where: T.B.A


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