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Important Dates

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Camp Sessions

Week 1: August 12-17, 2018

Camp Aldersgate

7955 Brantingham Road

Greig, NY 13345


Friends + Family Days

Fall Friends + Family Day

October 29, 2017


Syracuse Hall of Languages, University Pl

Syracuse, NY 13210

Spring Friends + Family Day

March 31, 2018


511 Skytop Rd

Syracuse, NY 13244

Make the Magic

April 7, 2018 at 6:00pm

Embassy Suites by Hilton

311 Hiawatha Boulevard

Syracuse, NY 13204

Tickets available here

Meet the Team

I’m Sunny and I am a Junior Public Health and Neuroscience major! My favorite camp song is Baby Shark and my favorite camp activities are dance parties and camp fires! I have loved being a part of Camp Kesem since I got to SU and I’m so excited to go from two years as Volunteer Coordinator to Co-Director and creating a magic week of camp with our INCREDIBLE Coord Board!


My name is Hobbes and I am a Junior Public Health major at SU but more importantly I am this year’s Co-Director for CKSU! My favorite camp song is Princess Pat and my favorite camp activity is Color Wars! I’m so excited to see all the great ideas our board comes up with and working to put those ideas in action. I love Kesem because it provides a family for both counselors and campers and allows college students to create a meaningful impact within their community.

HELLO my name is Good Golly and I am a proud Social Work & Psychology major! I love roasting marshmallows by the fire with my campers and singing camp song (especially There Was a Great Big Moose)! Kesem is the magic I’ve been searching for my entire life and I am so excited to spreading the CK magic through social media all to see it come to life at camp!!


Hi my name is Sugar and I am Television, Radio & Film and English Textual Studies major on the Creative Writing Track! I absolutely love to sing Get Loose, Get Funky whenever possible and my favorite part of camp is Water Games! Joining Camp Kesem has taught me that love and magic are tangible. It gave me a family, a home, and a sense of self I would never have otherwise found and I am SO excited to see all my campers again at reunion!

Hi I’m Cherry and I’m majoring in Child and Family Studies with a minor in LGBT Studies! I LOVE to sing LIKE A BANANA and play in Messy Games! I am so excited to be working on development this year. I can’t wait to have a part in raising the funds to make camp happen! Camp Kesem is so important to me, and I absolutely love my campers and the rest of my camp family! I’m really excited to work on Giving Tuesday all day with my camp family to raise AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE for camp!


HI! My name is Lolly and I’m a Psychology and Neuroscience major! My favorite camp song is Hey Burrito and my favorite camp activity is Messy Games! I’m SO excited to be Development Coordinator and see what my amazing fellow Coords and I can accomplish this year! Kesem has shown me that happiness is found in the little moments and has given me reason to believe in magic again. I am so grateful for my Kesem family and I can’t wait to see how much we can conquer together!!

I’m Snowflake and I’m a Pre-Med Psychology and Neuroscience major. My favorite camp song is Great Big Moose and I love to bond with my campers at Cabin Chats and Messy Games. Kesem is a place where kids can let go of it all while receiving some empowerment they all deserve. I cannot put into words how much these campers impact my life and how they will forever shape me. There are so many things I am looking forward to besides Camp and I cannot wait to create magic with my incredible Co, Honey!


I’m Honey and I’m a Public Health and Policy Studies major on the Pre-PA track! I love to sing Get Loose, Get Funky and play with my campers in Messy Games! I’m looking forward to making TONS of Magic at MTM with my wonderful Co, Snowflake! With that, I’m so excited to give our campers the best week of of camp next summer!! Kesem introduced me to the most incredible people I have ever met and shown me how kind, strong, and resilient people can be in the hardest situations.

I’m Tulip and I am an Inclusive Early Childhood Education/Special Education major! My favorite camp song is The Princess Pat and my favorite activity is Messy Games! I’m looking forward to watching camp come to life this summer! Kesem gave me the opportunity to experience true magic. Camp Kesem is truly a family where kids just get to be kids, where you feel like you’re in a different world, full of never-ending fun and unconditional love, and that shows each other that they’re never alone.


Hi! I’m Stitch and I’m a Bio major at SU! I love to sing Boom Chicka Boom and run around during Messy Games! I am looking forward to planning this year’s camp and in-kind drive. I can’t wait to experience that magic during camp. Kesem allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and made me a leader and role model. Camp Kesem gave me the opportunity to meet some of the strongest and most amazing people and has made my college experience, and without it, I would not be the person I am today.

I’m Doc and I’m a Biochemistry major at SU! I love Messy Games and singing Peanut-Butter Reese’s Cup with the campers. I am looking forward to recruiting new campers and growing camp as much as possible because Kesem has given me a place where I can help kids who struggle with the same difficulties I once did. Camp allows me to show these kids that there is so much more to life than cancer.


My name’s Bubbles and I’m a Mechanical Engineering major. My favorite camp activity is Messy Games and I can’t wait to try and double our campers so even more kids can enjoy the games with me! Kesem has given me the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact in this world. It provided me with a second family and the ability to bring love and support to such deserving and strong children.


HEY I’m Booyah and I’m majoring in Aerospace Engineering! I LOVE to sing Get Loose, Get Funky and make s’mores! When I first went to Camp Kesem, I became someone who has experienced love in its purest form. I owe a lifetime of service to this incredible organization. I cannot wait to meet all of the passionate, driven, motivates college leaders who are pumped about serving CKSU! Talking to and learning about our volunteers is the absolute highlight of my school year!

Our Supporters

In addition to the year-round support, services, and training we receive from Kesem National,
we are grateful to those who provide support to our local Camp Kesem chapter including:

Our Advisory Board who provides ongoing guidance to our chapter’s leadership team.

Our corporate and foundation donors who provide critical resources to help fund the services we deliver locally.

The many retail and service providers who offer in-kind support for our summer camp as well as many or our year-round services.

Countless individuals – including our families and friends who honor our commitment to Camp Kesem with their financial support and unwavering encouragement.

Nationwide Community

How Kesem National Supports This Chapter

Kesem’s national staff of over 30 professionals is involved in all aspects of establishing and supporting each of our 100+ chapters nationwide as well as the training and oversight of all college student leaders. Our leadership program has been developed over the last 17 years and, while both rigorous and demanding, is focused on providing the highest level of support, service and safety for the children who participate in our programs.

The Kesem Program Director for this chapter (see below) is involved in all aspects of camp and our additional services. While your local student leaders are your primary contact for questions, you are also welcome and encouraged to contact their Program Director with other specific questions.

Meet This Chapter's Program Director

Zach Snelling, Regional Program Director – zach@kesem.org

Zach joined the Camp Kesem National staff in 2017 as a Regional Program Director. Before doing so, he served as Co-Director at the University of Richmond, where he graduated in 2017 with a B.A. in Environmental Studies. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Zach now resides in Washington, D.C.

Through and Beyond Support Services

Kesem Through and Beyond Support

Our free year-round services provide children impacted by a parent's cancer a continuum of touchpoints throughout the year.

Kesem Connections

Provides Kesem families with regular updates including important deadlines and events.

Camp Kesem

Kesem's flagship program operates over 100 free summer camps in 40 states for children ages 6 to 18 who have been impacted by a parent's cancer.

Kesem By Your Side

Provides customized support for children through the many challenges associated with a parent or guardian's cancer journey.

Warm Welcome

Kesem's care package program that immediately includes all families into our greater community in a personal, supportive manner.

Special Deliveries

Provides all children with personalized greetings–delivered by either traditional or electronic mail.

Friends + Family Day

Regular gatherings for existing and interested camper families, alumni, supporters and Kesem student leaders for a day of community building.

Online Resources

Provides online access to topical resources–including publications, books, organizations and resources.