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Sunday Update

Hello camper families! Scooby here, filling you in on the super adventures and activities of this week’s Camp Kesem Augustana! Today, as all of you know, was the opening day of camp. Our counselors worked long and hard to prepare for this day. When the buses pulled up and the kids piled out, I think I speak for everyone when I say we were all thrilled and ecstatic to start the best week of the year. Today, we kept it simple. Upon unloading, we played some games, got to know all our new campers, and broke bread together over our first all-camp meal. We then sang some songs, had some s’mores, and split into our cabins to pretty them up and get all bunkered down! We finished our day one with closing circle, some more giggles, and bed time. It’s great to have the CK Family back and we’re thrilled for what the week has in store for us. Check back soon for more super stories!

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