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Student Panel

Thank you for visiting the CK National Student Panel page!

The student panel is comprised of 9 Camp Kesem student leaders across the nation, along with our national staff, whose goals are:

  • To improve communication between national and CK chapters
  • To provide feedback and input into various CKN initiatives
  • To develop strategy for future CKN initiatives, which currently comprise of:
        • Improving PR and publicity
        • Sharing the best practices among each chapter
        • Developing a CKN newsletter/blog

While working on improving PR and publicity not only at the national level, but at the chapter level as well, the PR Subcommittee and Program Directors have worked with campuses to ensure each have an active Facebook page and Twitter.  On March 26, Camp Kesem had our first Twitter campaign, where student leaders and chapters posted their favorite memory, quote, song, or accomplishment, along with the hashtag #CampKesemLove.  Hundreds of tweets were sent out that day and CKN and participating chapters’ followers increased dramatically! We are also working on a very special surprise for college students around the nation that is coming in October!

The Best Practices Subcommittee has launched its very own blog, sharing the best practices of all of the campuses in regards to fundraising, Make the Magic, administration and camp programming, camper recruitment, counselor and year-round volunteer recruitment, training, public relations, and much more! We also launched a program we call “Kesem Konnex”, that has paired every CK campus with another, so that they can continually  share their best practices, advice, and ideas, as well as develop friendships with one another across the country.

The Newsletter Subcommittee has worked hard to put together great newsletters to share what is happening on the national level.  They have done highlights of new and older chapters, as well as individual student leaders, sharing with every school some of the different faces of Camp Kesem and the exciting things going on.  They have also featured a letter from our Executive Director, Jane “Pocket” Saccaro, discussing future initiatives for Camp Kesem and progress we have made.  The newsletter also introduced us to the new weekly blog that our Camp Director, the one and only Scott “Funsize” Arizala, has started, that you can check out here!

The members of the Student Panel consist of:

Student leaders:

•Hamsika “Kiwi” Chandrasekar, MIT
•Becca “Sunshine” Christensen, UVA
•Cortney “Jazz” Lebeda, Augustana
•Samantha “Cheerio” Meeker, University of Richmond
•Alex “Lola” Monyhan, Michigan State University
•Zach “Binx” Morris, University of Minnesota
•Brett “Hammy” Neely, UCLA
•Shelby “Peanut” Rubin, University of Wisconsin
•Richard “Twix” Yu, UC Davis

National staff:

•Jane “Pocket” Saccaro, Executive Director
•Scott “Funsize” Arizala, Camp Director
•Liz “Phishy” Gray, Senior Program Director
•Lauren “Marzi” Ellis, Program Director

If you have any questions for the student panel, do not hesitate to email us at studentpanel@campkesem.org!