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Meet The Team

•Recruits and manages student coordinator leadership of 11+ coordinators to achieve chapter goals.
•Maintains regular communications with Camp Kesem Program Director and other national staff regarding chapter’s progress towards goals.
•Responsible for maintaining any required University credentialing as a student organization.
•Leads weekly Co-Coordinator meetings and monitors other chapter events including Committee meetings and/or General Body Meetings.
•May represent Camp Kesem Chapter at in-person and virtual events including National Leadership Summit (November 6-8, 2015) and nationally sponsored webinars.
•Maintains and responds to chapter@campkesem.org email account .


Karizma "Aria" Chabra

My grandfather passed away due to cancer when I was in the 6th grade. It was a sobering experience, so I can understand what these children must be feeling. I Kesem so that I can give these incredibly strong, inspirational children a chance to be children, and to remind them that they are never alone.


Sean "Speaker" Frasca

I Kesem for the kids. To give them the opportunity for just one week out of the year, to spend an amazing week at camp where their primary focus is on their own happiness. I Kesem to help these kids build a network of support, to know they are not alone in this and that they will always have people to reach out to. Most importantly, I Kesem so kids can just be kids.

•Completely and accurately enters all expense payment and reimbursement requests into Expensify in a timely manner.
•Updates budget actuals.
•Receives offline revenue (cash, check, money orders), ensures deposit of monies at Camp Kesem Chase account, and completely and accurately enters all offline revenue into Camp Kesem database.
•Receives weekly online Revenue reports and updates Revenue actuals in the Workbook tracker.
•Presents regular financial updates to Camp Kesem chapter leadership team.
•Maintains and responds to chapter.treasurer@campkesem.org email account.



I Kesem because I believe making a difference and repaying a service back is one of the most important lessons and skills someone can learn. Although, my family and I have been impacted by cancer first-hand through my Aunt, being able to try to step into someone else’s shoes, no matter the size is such a powerful opportunity and is something I can’t wait to experience. This is no ordinary leadership role, either, it something that makes impactful change for not just the benefactors but those who provide. I am proud to be a part of a team that makes such a positive difference in the lives of so many.

•Develops estimated budget for Camp Kesem chapter activities and updates forecasts on a regular basis using information provided by Treasurer.
•Responsible for camp planning including daily activity rotations, campsite selection, transportation coordination, and special guests and activities.
•Responsible for planning any extra camp excursions including overnight hikes.
•Responsible for coordinating the assignment and program planning progress of volunteers to activity rotation areas for the week of camp.
•Responsible for coordinating and executing acquisition of necessary camp supplies through purchase and/or in-kind donation drive efforts.
•Maintains and responds to chapter.operations@campkesem.org email account .
•May manage a small Operations committee (3-5 members), including running monthly meetings and delegating Operations-related tasks.


Jennifer "Jupiter" Guevara



I Kesem for the love.

Community Outreach
•Designs and executes strategic annual camper recruitment and retention plan to include outreach to past camper families, cultivation of hospital and community partner contacts, and use of social media to promote chapter’s camp.
•Responsible for pre-camp communication to accepted camper families.
•Responsible for collection of all necessary pre-camp paperwork for camper families using online Activecamps.com database system.
•Plans and promotes post-camp reunions (2nd+ year only).
•Responsible for recruitment of camp professional staff (two nurses and one mental health professional) as required by Camp Kesem National standards.
•Maintains and responds to chapter.outreach@campkesem.org email account.
•May manage a small Outreach committee (3-5 members), including running monthly meetings and delegating Outreach-related tasks.


Saief "Squidward Tortellini" Ahmed


Adam "Paddle" Patel

•Develops strategic annual fundraising plan for Camp Kesem chapter to include individual fundraising, Make the Magic events, on-campus fundraisers, community-based events, grants, and corporate sponsorships.
•Responsible for monitoring the progress of individuals towards their fundraising goals on behalf of chapter.
•Responsible for donor stewardship and cultivation, including initial acknowledgements and regular contact with major donors throughout the year.
•Responsible for post-grant reporting on chapter’s behalf where necessary.
•Maintains and responds to chapter.development@campkesem.org email account.
•May manage a small Development committee (3-5 members), including running monthly meetings and delegating Development-related tasks.


Gunveet "Amethyst" Sandhu


Sai "Coconut" Palati

Make the Magic
•Responsible for planning and executing one annual fundraising event for local chapter to raise $5,000+.
•Coordinates all event details including venue selection, budgeting, event programming, developing invite list to include major stakeholders, and designing and sending Save the Date and event invitations.
•Provides regular progress reports on event to chapter leadership team and national staff.
•Responsible for soliciting corporate and other event sponsorships in accordance with Camp Kesem National policies.
•Responsible for post-event reporting to stakeholders and to Camp Kesem National.
•Maintains and responds to chapter.mtm@campkesem.org email account.
•May manage a small Make the Magic committee (3-5 members), including running monthly meetings and delegating event-related tasks.


Emily "Zlata" Carll


Tristan "Nemo" Arnau

•Designs and executes strategic annual on-campus volunteer recruitment, retention, and selection plan to include outreach to past counselors, cultivation of on-campus contacts, and use of social media to promote volunteer openings.
•Responsible for pre-camp communication to accepted volunteers.
•Responsible for planning and execution of required in-person and online trainings for accepted counselors.
•Responsible for collection of all necessary pre-camp paperwork for counselors using online Activecamps.com database system.
•Responsible for designing and executing annual volunteer recognition plan.
•Plans and promotes post-camp reunions to past volunteers (2nd+ year only).
•Maintains and responds to chapter.volunteer@campkesem.org email account.
•May manage a small Volunteer committee (3-5 members), including running monthly meetings and delegating Volunteer-related tasks.


Dante "Potato Head" Jenkins


Ruchi "Hummus" Khatiwala

Teen/CIT Programming
•Responsible for planning camp activities for oldest unit (ages 14-16) that run parallel to regular camp activities.
•Develop and encourage leadership skills in the teen campers through a variety of team-building exercises and activities.
•Design a Counselor-in-Training program for campers who have “graduated” from camp (ages 17-18).
• Provide CIT’s the opportunity to hone their personal leadership skills through mentoring from camp counselors and by taking on a larger role at camp.
• Equip CIT’s to be effective leaders in their community.


Kaitlyn "Tink" Martin

Because if I can bring even a little bit of happiness to a child who is struggling, I'll do it in a heartbeat.


Jules "Koala" Mirmina

Alumni, Marketing & PR
•Designs and executes annual communication plan to relevant chapter stakeholders including Newsletters, Blogs, Website, Social Media activities (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).
•Supports chapter leadership team through deployment of marketing and publicity resources in support of chapter goals.
•Leads chapter’s publicity efforts including pitching local media outlets, writing and disseminating press releases, and cultivating local media contacts.
•Engages Camp Kesem Alumni in chapter events and helps facilitate seniors transitioning to alumni throughout the year.
•Maintains and responds to chapter.pr@campkesem.org email account.
•May manage a small Marketing/PR committee (3-5 members), including running monthly meetings and delegating Marketing/PR-related tasks.


Fatema "Pisces" Noor

I Kesem to let kids be kids again. I understand how their experiences mature and strengthen them, so I want to give back to them with a week full of summer fun -- exactly what they deserve!


Bhavna "Strawberry" Joshi

I Kesem because after losing a parent as a child, I can relate with a lot of the things these children are going through. There's a lot of adjustments and emotions that stay with you for the rest of your life and being able to share my own journey and help make an impact on someone going through something similar, is what keeps me going.

Contact Us: stonybrook@campkesem.org | (631) 716-5131 | Student Activities Center Room 218, Stony Brook, New York, US