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Teddy Square Why I Kesem: My mother passed away in 2000 due to leukemia. Especially as a seven year old, I felt alone and confused. I needed a peer support network, but not a single one existed. I thought no one could understand what I was going through and so I kept all my feelings and fears to myself. Luckily for kids like me, Camp Kesem was created that same year, as the only national organization that services children with these unique needs. It’s our goal to make sure they never feel alone. Being able to use my experience to help children in my area via Camp Kesem Stony Brook is more of  a blessing than I could ever ask for. I want to lend my strength to help these kids, but I know at the end of the day, I’ll be the one learning a lesson in strength.
Bear Square
Why I Kesem: In 2008, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. At 15 years old I was trying desperately to be strong for both my father and my mother. My father won his battle against cancer here at SBU Medical Center. But it wasn’t until attending my first Camp Kesem National Summit that I finally found myself in tears, emotionally dealing with what had happened five years ago. Surrounded by my Kesem Family, I was quickly embraced. At the time, everyone’s focus, including my own, had been on my father, on surgery, and on cancer. Camp Kesem provides an irreplaceable, peer-support community that begins at camp and lasts a lifetime. I will never be able to explain how truly grateful I am to have Camp Kesem in my life to be bringing some much needed magic to our community.

Development Coordinators:

Data Square Why I Kesem:  I Kesem for my friends who had to struggle without any support, for all the kids who currently need help, and for all the parents’ who want to help their kids and cannot.
Silly Putty
Silly Putty Square Why I Kesem: Ever since I was a kid, my parents have always taught me the importance of family. As a result, I’ve always held them and the rest of my family, both immediate and distant, close to my heart. While I’ve never had the misfortune of having a family member afflicted with cancer, I could never imagine how I’d feel if one of them was affected by it. No kid should ever have to face his or her parent’s cancer alone. I Kesem so these kids won’t have to because in all honesty, cancer to a kid can be described as one word—scary—and there’s no one else out there as big as Camp Kesem to help them out.

Marketing and PR Coordinators:

Chip Square Why I Kesem: Family is my greatest value in life and that is why I am proud to be part of this Camp Kesem team. While growing up, I have truly connected with my close and distant relatives. This has allowed me to be connected to them during good times but also the hardships. I have had multiple relatives that have been afflicted with cancer and as one could imagine, times are tough as soon the rest of family gets the news. It really hits the children the worst because they are not always fully aware of the situation. Camp Kesem will allow me to help those children in our community get through the tough times and have a support group that they need. It will mean a lot to see the children happy and smiling while enjoying the camp.

Volunteer Coordinators:

Sunshine Square Why I Kesem: One of the best things you can give a person is a happy memory through an experience. I Kesem because I believe that Camp Kesem can provide deserving children with a happy experience that they can think back on and smile about. What’s even better is that Camp Kesem is a year-round support system so a one-week camp experience can extend beyond the limited amount of days we have to interact with the campers. In a world where providing the resources for camp comes with a price tag, the most important part of Camp Kesem; creating happy memories and lifelong friendships, is priceless.
Leya Square Why I Kesem: I Kesem for the kids and their families. To be part of making Camp Kesem happen for the kids is just one of the things I can do to give back. I Kesem because it’s what I’d want for my loved ones. I hope that the one short week we plan this upcoming summer will be filled with magic and amazing memories that will last them a lifetime. CKSBU 2014 here we come!

Community Outreach Coordinators:

Curls Square Why I Kesem: I am a part of Camp Kesem because I want to do good. I want to take this amazing opportunity and do something even more amazing with it. By working with my peers I am strengthening my leadership skills as well as helping develop them in others. I want to help provide these children and their families with a form of support that they cannot get elsewhere. I Kesem because of the wonderful people I have met (and will meet) through this experience.
Giggles Square Why I Kesem: I Kesem because I believe we have the power to beat cancer, not only through medical advances, but also through compassion and support. I Kesem because I have witnessed firsthand the impact a loved one’s cancer can have on children. I Kesem because I believe in the magic of a smile and good fun! I Kesem to build a community of leaders and to improve our community, one child at a time.

Operations Coordinators:

Cuber Square Why I Kesem: After losing a best friend of mine as a child due to leukemia, I understand what it’s like to feel helpless when a loved one has cancer. I feel that if we are in a position to relieve the suffering of others, we are obligated to do all we can. Kesem symbolizes one of the most underrepresented groups in the country. We can give these children a week to just be themselves and not worry about cancer, and is the most noble cause I have been a part of.
Spuntina Square Why I Kesem: I Kesem for the kids. I Kesem because no one should ever have to feel like they’re alone. I lost my Nana to cancer, my Papa is currently fighting cancer and my best friend lost her Mom to cancer. I Kesem because I can honestly say without meeting any of these kids that they’re my heroes. I Kesem to create not just a week long of magic for them but for a lifetime Kesem family that they can count on for being their support system to let them know they’re never alone.

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