See you soon CKSB! – Day 7

Our day of departure was finally here. As we packed up our last few belongings, cleaned our cabins, and loaded the buses, there was a sense of nostalgia looming in the air. We headed to the dining hall for our final meal – a “brunch” of waffles, sausage patties, potato patties, egg salad, and mixed […]

CKSB 2015 – Day 6!

As our last full day of camp wrapped up, we were lucky to have another sunny day and the chance to enjoy the outdoors. After breakfast, all of the campers came together to play the conductor game, where each unit created a “song” out of sounds and gestures that they performed for the other units. […]

CKSB 2015 – Day 5!

Another sunny day was in store for us as we began with a breakfast of French toast sticks, potato patties, and oatmeal. Today, our generous donors visited throughout the day to spend some time with us as we shared with them the magic of camp. The day was packed with many fun activities outdoors. During […]

CKSB 2015 – Day 4!

Excited for the day ahead and ready to power up, we started off with a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, oatmeal, and yogurt. Our camper Speed then surprised her sister Cocoa with an announcement of her “Gotcha Day!” and so we all celebrated the anniversary of Cocoa’s adoption from China. There were a variety of activities […]

CKSB 2015 – Day 3!

As we arose from our deep slumbers, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds for the first time since our arrival – right then and there we knew it would be a wonderful day. We started off the morning with a scrumptious breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and tater tots. Then, we all headed to […]

CKSB 2015 – Day 2!

Campers woke up to a heaping breakfast of waffles, sausage, and cereal to fuel them for the fun-packed day. There was a surprise in store for one of our campers, Lightning – the entire camp sang Happy Birthday to celebrate his turning 10 years old!     After breakfast, the campers headed into their first […]

CKSB 2015 – Opening Ceremonies!

After nearly two hours at the Stony Brook Cancer Center, our Camp Kesem family traveled toward Camp Linwood MacDonald in Sandyston, New Jersey. The rainy weather could not wash away the excitement of our campers and counselors, who sang camp songs, played games, and watched movies to keep the magic alive. Upon arrival to the […]

Day 6!

Our last day at camp was bittersweet as we all packed and savored our time with each other. After spending the morning packing up our belongings, cleaning, and writing thank you notes, we gathered for lunch. After lunch we had some very special performances in our CK’s Got Talent show. Each unit had prepared an […]

Day 5!

It was a beautiful last full day at camp. We began the day with a breakfast of banana pancakes and oatmeal. Then, we split into our rotations of the day, that all fit into the theme, Color Day! We were so thankful to have some of our very special donors come to visit today and […]

Day 4!

Day four at camp started out as a rainy day, but the dreary weather could not dampen our spirits! After a delicious breakfast we all stayed in the dining hall for our rotations. Curls led a colorful bracelet and keychain-making session while Crush taught us how to make paper footballs to play with. In science, […]