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St. Ambrose Student Inspired By Camp Kesem!


Our chapter was so lucky to have Kim Ellis, a graphic design student at Saint Ambrose University to become a part of our  team! Kim designed two different campaign posters in which both were dedicated to the Camp Kesem organization. Check out Kim’s creative pieces and read her description of her work!

“This project was to create a Poster Campaign based around a social issue to bring awareness and inspire others to take action. There are many social issues… out there that need more awareness but not all of them speak to me the way that Camp Kesem does. Last year my husband and I attended a silent auction to raise money for the Camp. I had never heard of it before, and was honestly just going for the free food and to get out of the house. But listening to a parent talk about the loss of their spouse and how hard it was to grieve while also being there for their children really touched me in a way I won’t ever forget.
This isn’t something I had ever thought about before. What happens to a child who is going through something like that at home? Their mother or father is dying, and they are forced to grow up so quickly, and so suddenly. This camp gives parents a chance to deal with the tragedy of this situation, and also gives kids a chance to be a kid for a week. Not to mention the bond that develops with other children in similar situations. Needless to say, I left the auction in tears and haven’t stopped thinking about it since.
Most social issue posters display something disturbing, and very unpleasant to catch your attention. However, I didn’t want to use that approach for this issue. There are no bad guys or bad decisions, only victims in these stories. Something light hearted and comforting was the direction that I went for.”




Thank you Kim and Thank You ALL 🙂