Meet Us

Here’s a list of our 2014 Camp Kesem staff:

 John: Master Po (Co-Chair)


“The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.”

At camp, I’m Master Po the Dragon Warrior! My secret identity is John Register, a college student from Austin, Minnesota. The REAL cold white North.

Like Whippy Cakes, (my partner-in-crime) I caught the magic last summer as a program counselor. I became great friends with the kids as we played games together and shared the Camp Kesem experience.

I have personally felt the effects of cancer in my life. I have had two aunts, an uncle, and numerous friends and family fight cancer. Camp Kesem is by far one of the most rewarding and supportive programs out there.

Favorite Camp Song: Princess Peach

Favorite Game/Activity: Captain’s Calling.

Evan: Whippy Cakes (Co-Chair)


Hello, my name is Whippy Cakes and “I like to ride motorcycles.” Camp Kesem is the greatest!I have made friends both old and young, helped children who have a parent affected by cancer, learned so much from these children, and have had fun doing it.

I caught the magic of Camp Kesem in the summer of 2013. As a cabin counselor I was so impressed with the campers of the SUU Chapter and decided that this is something I want to get more involved with. Now I am back directing camp and I hope I can help make Camp Kesem 2014 an enjoyable experience.

Favorite Camp Song: Tarzan (Like a Banana).

Favorite Game/Activity: The Talent Show.

Micah: Mumble (Community Outreach)


Hi all! My name is Mumble (like the tap dancing penguin from Happy Feet!). I am a senior studying chemistry at SUU and plan on dedicating my life to serving others as a doctor. When I’m not studying or doing fun Camp Kesem stuff, you can find me playing sports or being goofy with friends. My family is originally from Hawaii and we love traveling. I love helping others and making people laugh. It’s such an honor to be able to help with Camp Kesem all year and I can’t wait for camp!

As a counselor last summer, I was astonished by the bravery of these kids. I Kesem because I believe everyone should have the opportunity to be a carefree kid and feel physically, mentally, and emotionally supported. I will always be an avid Camp Kesem supporter!

Favorite Camp Song: Tarzan (Like a Banana).

Favorite Game/Activity: After dinner camp activity time.

Ashley: Starburst (Community Outreach)


Starburst here! This is my second year working with Camp Kesem and I love it. I recently graduated from the Nursing Program at SUU and am excited to be working as a nurse soon.

I caught the magic last year at camp. I thought that I had caught the magic before camp but I didn’t really know how important all of our hard work before hand was. I loved seeing the campers interact and lift one another up.

Favorite Camp Song: Tarzan (Like a Banana).

Favorite Game/Activity: The Color Wars

Samm: M&M (Development)


My name is Samm but you can call me M&M. I am a senior nursing student at SUU. Some of my favorite activities include reading, sewing, racing in triathlons, and cooking. My favorite color is purple. I have a yellow Labrador named Sunshine. I was the camp cook last summer and loved feeding all the campers and serving lots of cookies!

I caught the magic Fall of 2012. What an amazing opportunity to help children and make them laugh! I have served as Development Coordinator ever since!

Favorite Camp Song: I’m going to put one of my favorite quotes here instead. “Explore: There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis.

Favorite Game/Activity: Swedish Twister.

Lacey: Gizmo (Development)


They call me Gizmo, so don’t feed me after Midnight!! I am a nursing student at SUU, and I LOVE it! Hiking is the best thing ever times ten. That and Zion is my favorite place of all time.

I caught the magic at the national summit this year while listening to all of the families describe what an impact Camp Kesem has had on their lives. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing organization. It was then solidified by the Tarzan song. BOOM! Magic made.

Favorite Camp Song: There Once Was A Wizard.

Favorite Game/Activity: I haven’t been yet but am in need of some Color Wars in my life!

Jael: Bubbles (Operations)

Kipp: Kippersnak (Operations)


I am in my third year here at SUU and have finally chosen political science for my major. I am a member of the SUU ballroom dance team. I have a soft spot for gummy worms and fruit snacks and love working at Quiznos.

I caught the magic when two of my friends started telling me about Camp Kesem and then invited me to apply for the coordinating board. Once I started Keseming I got hooked!

Favorite Camp Song: I love rocking out to all of the camp songs!

Favorite Game/Activity: Gaga Ball.

Brent: Chewy (Volunteer Support)

Cooper: Mufasa (Volunteer Support)


I grew up on a family farm in a tiny town in Northern Utah. The farm, sports, and school were three mainstays of my life growing up. During high school I became involved in groups such as Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership and the 4H, both of which I still participate in. I am a nutrition major and hope to become a doctor when I grow up.. and I still have have plenty of growing up to do!

I too have been affected by cancer in my life. I never met my grandpa and uncle because of cancer, and my grandmother battled cancer until the end of her life. I caught the magic trying to help everyone know that they can have fun and live great lives, even with cancer in the picture!

Favorite Camp Song: Boom Chicka Boom!

Favorite Game/Activity: Captain’s Calling and Camp Skits.

Beau: Scooby (PR/Marketing)


Scooby-Dooby-Doo!! Just like the name implies I love food and some mystery solving! I come from Sunny St. George and am the oldest of four children. A career in medicine is my dream and I love serving others. I speak in movie quotes and think in lyrics.

I caught the magic last summer when I first attended Camp Kesem. I had been asked to participate as a volunteer by a couple of friends of mine and had never heard of the organization prior to that. I absolutely fell in love with the mission of Camp Kesem and felt my life change forever as I got to know these amazing young individuals. These children are strong and bring out the better in all of those that surround them.

Favorite Camp Song: Little Red Wagon

Favorite Game/Activity: The Color Wars

Cameron: Little John (PR/Marketing)