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Something to smile about during Sandy

Hey all! We’re currently in the thick of Hurricane Sandy at Columbia/Barnard and everyone is hunkered down in their dorms with as much non-perishable food and bottled water as they could buy in the pre-hurricane crush at the supermarkets yesterday. It’s been pitch black outside for hours now, and news of the flooding and and damage downtown is streaming in continuously. Throughout all of this upheaval, while we remain indoors for what is now the second day on end, thinking about this summer and about the exciting future of Camp Kesem 2013 has been a little beacon of happiness for all of us on the board. Knowing that planning for camp is successfully underway is definitely something to smile about, even at times such as this. Always remember to keep in mind that after Hurricane Sandy has passed it will be Thanksgiving, and after Thanksgiving it will be the winter holidays, and before you or I know it, in what I’m sure will feel like the blink of an eye, it will be August and camp will be right around the corner. I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone at Camp Kesem this summer! If you’re bored and cooped up over the next few days during Sandy, be sure to look at all of the wonderful pictures from this past summer’s camp — I guarantee that they’ll put a smile on your face!

Stay safe!

– Skippy and Stretch

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