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So Long!

Noooo it can’t be over! This is what I say every year at the end of camp, and I’m not alone. It’s incredible how close we get to each other in just a short week, but it somehow happens without fail. It’s my belief that there is a tacit bond between everyone, everyone has gone through the same ordeal, and they are there to support each other just like a family. It’s not your normal summer camp, it’s something far more important.


We all went to breakfast and bid a fond farewell to camp order Brian, a truly great guy who is definitely in the right line of work.


Everybody packed their things and plopped their belongings next to where the buses would be landing. Unfortunately the buses were quite late, due to one getting a flat tire and the others insisting on staying with it until it was fixed. Sorry you parents had to wait so long! Just before getting on the buses we had one last Closing Circle and took a group picture.


Coming back to the park was great, and it was a long time before all the campers left, wiping away their tears and frantically exchanging contact information.


What a great week we had this year! Thanks again for reading, I had so much fun doing this and it was an honor. See you next year!