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S’mores’ Super Bowl Fundraiser

smoresTo continue to raise money for Kesem, I decided to create a football squares pool for the Super Bowl! It was a 10X10 grid, in which each person paid $1 to claim a square. Once all the squares were picked, the numbers 0-9 were randomly assigned on 2 sides of the grid; one side for the Bronco’s score and the other for the Seahawk’s score. After each quarter, the winner was decided after seeing which person had purchased the square in which the final digit of the score coincided with the score of the game (example: 28 would be 8). Half the money collected went straight to Kesem and the other half was divided among the winners of the 4 quarters.

100 squares is A LOT of squares! Nemo and I frantically ran around almost every floor of Sellery Hall trying to encourage our peers to purchase them! Not only were a lot of people very interested in participating, but we were also able to inform a large number of people about Camp Kesem in a short amount of time! In fact, two of the winners actually donated their winnings back to Camp Kesem, because they felt that it was a wonderful organization and knew the money was going towards a great cause!

In the end, I am much closer to my fundraising goal and was able to inform more people about the magic of Camp Kesem in the process! Even though racing up and down the stairs of Sellery Hall was exhausting, I know it was well worth it!