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Senior Spotlight: Tree

Hey Kesem family!

Senior Picture

I’m Kelly, but the people who know me best call me Tree, a hand-me-down nickname I received from my older brothers. I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology- Exercise Movement & Science in December 2013, and I now work a project position on campus and at Hubbard Avenue Diner. This fall, I will apply to occupational therapy schools!

I joined Camp Kesem UW-Madison in fall 2010. From January 2012-August 2013, I was a camper care co-coordinator on the board, and this year, I am a volunteer co-coordinator. At camp, I have been a cabin counselor for 11-13 year-old girls, a sports program counselor and a teen counselor.

When my dad was first diagnosed with cancer, I was very quiet and reserved about his illness. At the time, I couldn’t even tell my closest friends that he was sick. If you had asked 17-year-old Tree if she’d speak in front of 300 people about her dad’s illness, she would have said “fat chance!” Six years later, I am much more open about his cancer journey. We’ve all seen our campers grow throughout their years with Kesem, and I know I have grown as well.

As I move forward with my life, I’ll miss seeing my second family at meetings every Monday night. I’ll miss seeing the excitement in the campers’ eyes at drop off, knowing that they are about to have the best week of summer. I’ll miss seeing the joy in the parents’ eyes when they pick their kids up, seeing their kids laughing, singing camp songs and telling stories about Coco. Basically, I’ll just miss it all!

I’m excited for my future, and I know that Kesem has helped me gain time management, professional, fundraising and communication skills I need to be successful.

See you at camp, and GO BADGERS!!!

Kesem love,